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The black gold: what brings a sports tire?

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The tires are the only contact between the car and the road. They are therefore one of the most important parameters when it comes to correct static friction. The tires are often referred to as 'black gold'. But the choice of tires is huge. Which tire offers the best properties? What should you watch out for when you are on the racetrack? And which tires are actually allowed on the road?

Slick tires? Better not!

Slicks racing tires racing tires tuning The black gold: What brings a sports tire?

In professional racing slick tires are used, which have no profile and thus provide a maximum contact surface. However, these tires are not allowed on the road. Because on damp or wet roads, slicks do not give any liability, the vehicle floats immediately. Aquaplaning! Also out of pure reason, you should therefore refrain from these tires. A better alternative are the so-called semi-slicks. These sports tires are the compromise between normal tires and non-street slicks. After all, they have a low profile and are therefore also approved for use on the road. Nevertheless, they offer an increased level of static friction compared to ordinary car tires.

The advantages of sports tires

Semislick Semi Slicks The black gold: What brings a sports tire?
Semi-slicks have some profile

As a rule, semi-slicks or sports tires are made of a softer rubber compound. This again increases the adhesion between the road and the vehicle. By a smaller tread depth also the flexing, so a deformation of the profile is minimized. The rubber heats up less and prevents even in the border area slipping of the car. If you are often on the racetrack, it pays to buy a semi-slick. Then you should even pay attention to the right air pressure. Because the tires will warm up in a sporty driving style and increase the tire pressure. Regularly check the values ​​and in case of doubt also leave some air. However, remember to refill this difference after training on the track.

the correct air pressure must always be checked

Semislick Semi Slicks Air pressure The black gold: What brings a sports tire?

So you're on the road with the right air pressure on the road. In addition, you should keep in mind that these sports tires, especially in heavy rain and in winter not offer the same liability as a normal tire. Our advice: It's best to change to a classic winter tire in winter. This offers especially on wet roads and in the snow increased static friction. Because security is still going on. And your sports tire, which is used rarely or not at all in winter, stays fresh. So that you can start again on the racetrack in the spring.

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