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What is a stretch limousine / chauffeur limousine?

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smart fortwo gets the stretch treatment becomes 1 What is a stretch limousine / chauffeur limousine?

Stretch limousines or chauffeur limousines gained worldwide popularity primarily through various US films and series. Nothing is more impressive than when stars and starlets get out of their classy XXL sledges in front of posh restaurants or luxurious hotels. In Europe, however, the trend is more towards the hour Hire the luxury cars including chauffeur. In this way, the stretch limo becomes the highlight of extraordinary events in this country, such as weddings, bachelorette parties or birthdays. But what is a stretch limousine, how was it created and how is it built?

Definition & history of the stretch limo

big band bus stretch limousine conversion tuning What is a stretch limousine / chauffeur limousine?

A stretch limousine, or stretch limo for short, is usually based on a conventional limousine, an SUV & Co. from at least the upper middle class category. However, it is not built that long as standard, but only afterwards extended. The first stretch limo was built in Arkansas (USA) in 1928. A well-known big band bought the limousine to have themselves and their instruments chauffeured in it. Since then, the stretch limo has become more and more important and has become a status symbol. The longest stretch limousine in the world currently measures an incredible 30,5 meters and has numerous extras such as one Swimmingpool and one Helipad. Can you believe it?

How is it built, which vehicles are suitable?

Stretch limousine conversion Tuning process 1 What is a stretch limousine / chauffeur limousine?

Vehicles from the are usually suitable for converting to a stretch limo upper middle class or luxury class from manufacturers such as Ford, General Motors, Rolls-Royce or Mercedes-Benz. The best-known stretch limousines include conversions based on Lincoln and Cadillac vehicles. In principle, however, other vehicle types can also be converted into a stretch limousine. The best example of this are the extended taxis in Cuba, for the construction of which a Lada model is being extended. Also an extended one Hummer H2, one Ferrari F40, one VW Jetta and even one XXL-Smart we have already seen.

Details on building a chauffeur limousine!

To turn a conventional vehicle into a stretch limousine, it has to be cut behind the B-pillar. Then the so-called Intermediate section together with the new roof section, side walls, windows and floor section. In addition, some upgrades have to be made to the vehicle itself, such as the reinforcement of the roof and floor bars, and sometimes the engine and the axles. Without a more powerful engine, the significantly heavier vehicle cannot be pulled effectively. In addition to the necessary modifications, much more daring additions are now being made. Be happy additional axes, doors or benches integrated into the vehicles. A stretch limousine with a built-in whirlpool has also been built. However, all of these additional extras add to the weight of the vehicle and affect maneuverability and fuel consumption. That is why many more things often have to - like the braking system - be reinforced. Here it always depends on the respective conversion and the area of ​​application.

Stretch limousines impress with their interior fittings

stretching vehicle lengthening tuning What is a stretch limousine / chauffeur limousine?

The oversized limousines impress not only from the outside, but also with their extravagant interior. Upholstered leather seats and bars as well as various multimedia equipment such as televisions or sound systems are almost standard. There are no limits to your own creativity. Almost anything you can think of is possible. Only the wallet can hold back.

What is the difference between a stretch limousine and the long limousines popular in Europe?

Outside the USA, numerous European car manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, VW or BMW offer so-called long limousines / long versions. However, these are only slightly longer than the manufacturer's "normal" models and therefore have nothing to do with a real stretch limousine. A long version, for example of a VW Phaeton, is approx. 15 cm longer than the standard vehicle. In principle, the conversion is comparable, since the additional space is only used here for the passengers in the rear behind the B-pillar, but there is no question of a stretch limousine.

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