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Searchlights for retrofitting! You should know that!

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Searchlights Searchlights Working lamp Tuning 4 searchlights for retrofitting! You should know that!

Searchlights for the car are available in various versions in stores. The articles are often advertised as optimally illuminating headlights for use on boats, in the forest area and on cars and trucks. Search lights are used for search operations, breakdowns and at accident sites. The articles can also be used in agriculture and are used wherever optimal lighting is necessary. By the way, there is more about headlights in our large overview "Headlights from halogen to LED to xenon - an indispensable companion"!

Searchlights - what are they?

Searchlights Searchlights Working lamp Tuning 5 searchlights for retrofitting! You should know that!

Searchlights for cars can be attached to the car, for example using a suction cup, and are usually pivotable and rotatable. The turning and swiveling ranges vary depending on the model. For example, searchlights for motor vehicles with rotation ranges of 340 ° or 360 ° are commercially available. The swivel range can be 75 °. Searchlights for cars often have a 12-volt connection or are supplied with power from a cigarette lighter. And there are even examples that can be turned electrically. In any case, it should be ensured that the headlight can be easily connected to the car electrical system if it does not have a built-in battery. In addition to being able to connect to the car, the headlights often have a long connection cable (4-5 meters). The headlights are characterized by a particularly bright search light that can have a color temperature of 3200 Kelvin or even 6000 Kelvin. The extremely bright light and the ability to swivel make it possible to use the headlights as searchlights.

Searchlights - what to look for when buying?

Searchlights Searchlights Working lamp Tuning 3 e1599120714568 Searchlights for retrofitting! You should know that!

When buying a searchlight, care should be taken to ensure that it is adequately fastened. The articles are often equipped with a vacuum suction cup (suction cup) that can be sucked into place accordingly. The suction force should be sufficient for the size and weight of the searchlight. Articles with a suction cup diameter of 160 mm are commercially available, for example. When buying, you should pay attention to the connection options. As a rule, the items are supplied with a 12-volt connection and a long connection cable. If you really want to use the article as a search light, you should ensure that there is sufficient turning and swiveling range. Searchlights can be purchased that can be rotated 360 ° and swiveled through 75 °.

Searchlights - purchasing factors distance illumination and operation

Searchlights Searchlights Working lamp Tuning 2 searchlights for retrofitting! You should know that!

Important purchasing factors for searchlights are distance illumination, brightness and how the items are operated. A common shape for a searchlight is, for example, the dimensions 130 mm x 240 mm (Ø x H). Of course, there are countless shapes, sizes and variants. Furthermore, products are available that have a color temperature of 3000 Kelvin to 6000 Kelvin and a luminous flux of 2000 lumens or even 5000 lumens (lm). When buying, the headlights should be as easy to use as possible. It is advisable to purchase a model that can be operated with a remote control. The remote control enables the desired search parameters to be set quickly. The desired color temperature and light intensity also depends on the intended use. Before buying, it should also be clarified whether the headlights can even be used legally.

Can searchlights be used at all?

The regulations of the Suchscheinwerfer are clearly regulated. The swiveling light may have a maximum of 35 watts. The driver may only use it if both the tail light and the license plate light are activated. You can always use the search light, for example, when looking for a house number, a sign or another element that cannot be reached with normal headlights. Mostly the rescue service or the police use a searchlight in action. By the way: You can find out which penalties threaten in the event of incorrectly activated or not activated lighting in our large article onLights on the car: function, regulations, fines“Read.

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Searchlights Searchlights Working lamp Tuning 6 searchlights for retrofitting! You should know that!

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