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Dog transport box - the advantages and disadvantages!

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Dog transport box retrofitting trunk 1 transport box for dogs the advantages and disadvantages!

Transport boxes for dogs are commercially available in mobile and permanently installable versions. The items that can be permanently installed in the trunk are particularly stable and can be bought to fit the desired car model. They offer several advantages over mobile versions. The advantages and disadvantages of permanently installed dog transport boxes for the trunk of the car are discussed in more detail below.

Why choose fixed installation?

Dog transport box Retrofitting trunk 2 e1594716459538 Transport box for dogs the advantages and disadvantages!

Fixed versions are massive and also available for large dog breeds. Mobile, smaller models are often not suitable for the transport of large breeds of dogs. This is due to the dimensions of the mobile models as well as the lack of robustness. The permanently installable variants also do not slip in sharp bends and offer the dog an opportunity to rest during transport. Fixed transport boxes are available for many car models and are often kept in a cage shape. The dog can look through the transport box and is often not obstructed to the right and left, which is not the case with all transport boxes.

Disadvantages of permanently installable transport boxes?

Dog transport box retrofitting trunk 4 transport box for dogs the advantages and disadvantages!

They are massive and often not intended for small dog breeds. Due to the massive, permanently installable construction, additional weight is brought to the dog in the trunk area. As a result, the car becomes heavier. Furthermore, the transport box must be installed properly so that the dog and driver are not harmed while driving. In addition, the largest part of the trunk is occupied by such a transport box. If you even install a double transport box for two large dogs, the complete trunk volume is exhausted in almost all vehicles.

How is a dog transport box constructed?

A permanently installable transport box for the dog has roof, floor and side walls. The walls are almost always made of aluminum composite panels and these can be up to 4 millimeters thick, for example. The exact structure of the boxes depends on the model. The items are often equipped with a hinge stop and an emergency exit. If an accident happens, a wall of the box can be unscrewed to free the dog. The transport boxes also often have reinforced round tubes made of aluminum and can be equipped with stainless steel snap locks. When buying, it should be ensured that the items in the door area and in the door are reinforced and have no sharp edges. Reinforcement can be achieved by reinforcement triangles or reinforcement angles. Furthermore, the metal-containing parts should be rustproof and particularly durable.

What properties should it have?

Dog transport boxes should be extremely robust and resistant. At the same time, the articles should be high-strength and light. Manufacturers of permanently installable variants rely on dirt-repellent coatings. The transport box should be easy to clean and should not heat up in summer. Of course, the dog should not be left in the car in warm and hot weather. The dog should not sweat in the box during transportation. The articles must not splinter or have sharp spots. When buying permanently installable transport boxes for the dog, care should be taken to ensure the correct fit. In some cases, such a box can also be attached using a lashing rail (depending on the vehicle type and transport box) are attached. As an alternative to Even car ceiling a transport box is particularly recommended for large dogs. Transport is safer and the animal is housed outside the seats.

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Dog transport box retrofitting trunk 7 transport box for dogs the advantages and disadvantages!
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go transport box for the dog the advantages and disadvantages!

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