TÜV, Dekra, KÜS, GTÜ - differences regarding change acceptance

Tuning on the vehicle is carried out relatively quickly depending on the tuning request. It is questionable, however, what happens to the car's original operating license if, for example, the exterior of the car has changed as a result of the conversion or the technology has been changed. For this purpose, the legislator has made precise specifications that particularly keep an eye on the operation of a tuned vehicle. Modifications often require additional approval by an expert. If this is not available, the original operating license of the car expires with the conversion and it is no longer allowed to drive on the road. In the following, information and tips are given on what you should consider when tuning the car so that the vehicle can continue to be driven on the road after a conversion.

Why a change acceptance?

As soon as significant changes are made to the car, for example through tuning and the like, the operating license originally granted for the car can automatically lapse. This includes, for example, the installation and addition of vehicle parts. In order to continue the originally granted operating license for the car, it is then necessary to accept the change. This is regulated in Section 19 (3) StVZO. With the change acceptance, the attachment, installation or modification to the car is approved by an expert and is therefore official. The acceptance must be done by one officially recognized Experts happen. This is not a skilled worker or a master car mechanic! Many are not even aware of this fact. Different monitoring organizations can carry out the change acceptance. There are actually no differences between TÜV, DEKRA, KÜS and GTÜ with regard to the requirements for acceptance because these are required by law.

When must a change acceptance be carried out?

The cases where Acceptance of changes have to be made are varied. The changeover to others is not OEM- Rims and tires can lead to a change acceptance must be carried out. The requirement for acceptance of changes also applies when lowering the chassis or when attaching one Trailer towing device. Not every change to the car means that a change must also be accepted. Here you should always inquire accordingly and pay attention to information from the manufacturers of the components. Cars that have been tuned and for which no necessary change acceptance has been carried out, although this would be necessary, lose the operating license. It automatically goes out with the conversion. These vehicles may no longer be driven on the road without an officially approved change acceptance.

How to prove the change acceptance?

If the change acceptance is approved, the inspector issues a change acceptance certificate. This change acceptance certificate must always be carried with the vehicle documents. If the vehicle owner changes or the car is registered, the certificate must be submitted to the vehicle registration office. The vehicle registration office can then immediately enter the change directly in the new vehicle documents. So that the inspector can examine the correct assembly of the tuning parts, all documents supplied with the add-on parts must be available. For example, this includes certain Teilegutachten according to Annex XIX StVZO and part approvals. In this way, the expert can check whether all requirements and restrictions during assembly have been complied with in order to be able to issue and certify the change approval.

TÜV, Dekra, KÜS, GTÜ - no differences

Individual approvals or the so-called Full report may carry out all organizations. For this purpose, the Federal Council cleared the way for the liberalization of § 2019 StVZO in 21. Since then, all test organizations have been authorized, for example, to carry out the full report for re-registration or to carry out an individual acceptance test for a modification. Until now, the full report and the individual approvals according to $ 21 StVZO in the old federal states were reserved only for the TÜV. In the new federal states, it was only allowed to create the DEKRA. Fortunately, the monopoly positions of the testing organizations were changed with effect from March 22.3.2019, 19.2. Since then, the KÜS or GTÜ may also carry out an assessment according to § 21 in connection with § XNUMX StVZO.

  • General inspection and emissions inspection may be carried out by TÜV, Dekra, KÜS, GTÜ & Co.
  • TÜV (technical testing organization - stands for technical monitoring association as TÜV Süd, TÜV Rheinland, TÜV Nord and independent companies TÜV Thuringia and TÜV Saarland)
  • Dekra (officially recognized surveillance organization, technical inspection body for motor vehicle traffic, HU and AU and other reports, safety tests, certifications)
  • KÜS (stands for vehicle surveillance organization, freelance vehicle expert, HU and AU and other expert reports, safety tests, certifications)
  • GTI (stands for Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit, primarily deals with the technical inspection of vehicles, accident reports and other services related to road traffic and automotive technology)

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  1. says: Sven Bergman

    Thank you for this information on the differences between TÜV and Dekra with regard to the change acceptance. I still have to have my main inspection carried out at the end of the year. Good to know that this can be carried out by TÜV as well as Dekra or KÜS.

  2. says: Vladimir

    Good day. I'm Emboros from Greece and I bought a car in Germany. I also have all the documents and a receipt for the purchase of the car. there is not only that. Could you send me a copy, I can't find the registration number of the car. Many Thanks . If you want I can send photos of documents

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