Tire stretch / tire stretching - what is it?

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If you are interested in a new set of rims and do not necessarily have a typical standard size such as 7,5j x 17 inches in mind, you may already have heard of the term Tire stretch / tire stretching belongs. But what does Tire Stretch / Tire Stretching actually mean? With regard to the topic, the information in advance, many possibilities in this area are only "outside“The STVZO allows. But only as an indication and not as a flat rate! If there is a corresponding tire approval from the tire manufacturer, nothing speaks against one legal use. Mentioned in the release is the corresponding tire size for use on the rim. The exact dimensions are listed there. Incidentally, it is not the diameter that is relevant for the tire stretch, but the one Width, the Flank height and the Rim width. How do you get that stretch? Example: the tire has the dimension 255/35 R18 and the rim has the dimensions 10 × 18 inches. So the tire is 255 mm wide and the rim 254 mm. This format is known as level 0! Tire and rim are almost identical and the tire is very straight on the rim.

Level 1 stretch

Tire Stretch Tire Stretching Tuning Stage 1

To achieve a tire stretch you can use the tire width and the Flank height to a certain extent "play". For example, do you want one Level 1 stretch then you pull a 10/18 R245 tire on the aforementioned 35 × 18 inch rim, or if you want to stay with the 255, then you have to Reduce flank height and put on a 255/30 R18, for example. Both cases allow a stretch of the Level 1. This is a variant that is listed in most reports and therefore can also be used legally and looks good. To any Space problems in the wheel arch perhaps that is one way to fix it.

Level 2 stretch, often still mobile

Tire Stretch Tire Stretching Tuning Stage 2

In principle you can reach that Level 2by taking the dimensions of the tire further down changed. Based on our 10 × 18 inch rim, for example with the tire format 235/35 R18, 245/30 R18 or 255/25 R18. The greater the changes, the greater the changes, of course Rolling circumference. However, this is crucial for the accuracy of the speed display and should must be strictly observed. You should also keep in mind that the tire wall always small becomes and with it the driving comfort and the ground clearance dwindle. Contemporaneous increased also the possibility in terms of Damage on the rim. A possible one flank protection (Rim rib) on the tire then has hardly any effect.

Level 3 stretch & level 4 stretch

Tire Stretch Tire Stretching Tuning Stage 3

Again and again starting from our 10 × 18 inch rim you reach the Level 3 with even further reduced dimensions from the tire. For example with 225/35 R18, 235/30 R18 or 245/25 R18. Level 3 reduces the tire size of level 0 by three units. At this point at the latest, the issue of permissibility in road traffic must be examined very carefully. Usually level 3 no longer in traffic usable because, apart from the scope, there is also the possibility of Slipping of the tire opens on the rim.

Would you like to go further and get one Level 4 tire stretch reach that is how one speaks of Japanese Sudani style. Here the tire is pulled so far apart that the flank height is barely there and the rim flange partially touches the road. Level 4 is reached with accordingly strong reductions in tire width / sidewall height.

negative tire stretch for more performance

If you attach particular importance to high performance, you should make sure that the tire is on the rim can move. This can be achieved with a "negative tire stretch". This can be achieved by starting from level 0 (Example: 255/35 R18 and 10 × 18 inch rim) the dimensions of the tire are not reduced, but increased. Here it goes into the minus range. For example Step 1: 265/35 R18 or 255/40 R18 on the 10 × 18 inch rim. Step 2 is correspondingly higher but for the racetrack then already no longer suitable. Here the tire becomes unstable and the driving behavior deteriorates significantly. It also looks ugly. And that too Rolling circumference is to be observed here again. The whole topic is well explained again in the following video by West Berlin Customs, from which we also have our information.

PS: Incidentally, you can reach all levels, even if you leave the tire the same, but change the width of the rim accordingly. So 12 × 18, 13 × 18 etc. As mentioned, the diameter plays not matter!

Tire stretch Tire stretch tuning Sudani style
Sudani style

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