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Useful gadget: Wind and water deflector for the car

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Useful gadget: Wind and water deflector for the car

For many, the term autotuning is associated with car styling and the speed of tuning cars. Tuned cars should look good, be fast and have an appropriate soundscape inside as well as outside. Autotuning is therefore often associated with engine tuning and body tuning. But there are many more tuning areas and tuning parts that make a car functional and stylish. A set of wind deflectors (Also called water deflector or rain cover) for the vehicle doors or the exterior mirrors of the car, also belongs to the tuning of a vehicle. What characteristics they have to bring along and which advantages and disadvantages they have, we explain to you below.

Differences wind and water deflectors

Useful gadget: Wind and water deflector for the car

Differences are wind and water deflectors for the side windows of the small models for the side mirrors. Wind deflectors intended for the side windows have to fit specifically to the vehicle model and are offered by corresponding tuning companies. The wind deflectors are usually intended as a dirt and rain deflector. The articles are clamped in the window frame of the vehicle and pressed firmly into the frame by closing the windows. The wind deflectors increase the functionality of the side windows. The side window can still be easily opened after installation, even in adverse weather conditions, without the rain and dirt gets into the car interior. Thanks to the innovative construction of the products, wind deflectors for the side windows also minimize the wind noise. Furthermore, the articles conduct heat from inside the vehicle to the outside because the window can be opened without getting wet or getting dirt inside.

Which companies sell wind deflectors?

Useful gadget: Wind and water deflector for the car

Among the companies that sell, for example, wind deflectors for the vehicle side window are:

  • WeatherTech
  • ClimAir
  • windesa
  • Winner
  • Heko
  • Nordrive
  • PKWelt
  • BeHave
  • centimeters

The wind deflectors are, as already mentioned, built directly into the frame of the side window / pinched and therefore must fit exactly to the vehicle type. The wind deflectors are hardly noticeable after installation and still fulfill important characteristics. The useful articles may be made of high quality acrylic, for example, and have a certain thickness (3 mm). When choosing the right article you should pay attention to fit. It is advisable to have wind deflectors for side windows specifically supplied with the vehicle registration and the exact basic data on the vehicle.

What should be considered when buying and installing wind deflectors for the side windows?

Useful gadget: Wind and water deflector for the car

Wind deflectors for the side windows should not only suit your vehicle type. The articles should also be approved for use on German roads. The articles require a "general operating license" or another test mark that allows approval on the vehicle. The manufacturers indicate, for example, whether such an "ABE" is available or not. If the "ABE" is not given, then you have to present your vehicle to a recognized testing organization (TÜV) for acceptance. You should also pay attention to high-quality material when buying the wind deflector. For example, stable acrylic glass is used as a material for wind deflectors.

Mirror eyebrow / raincover for the rearview mirror

Useful gadget: Wind and water deflector for the car

And the mirror eyebrow as a rain cover is very useful and unobtrusive. The little goodies for the rearview mirrors offer a clear view on the road and you automatically drive safer on rainy days. The small components have 2 features in 1. They are used as an eyebrow rain cover which in rainy days makes the rear-view mirror less wet and they also serve as a sun visor. On sunny days, do not allow the mirror to reflect. This too conveys a clear situation on the street. The eyebrow for the mirror is almost always made of high quality PVC plastic and is particularly robust and practical. The cultivation is often done with double-sided tape so no drilling or cutting is necessary.

Wind deflectors, water deflectors, rain protection - conclusion

If you're looking for a way to reduce wind noise in your car, then wind deflectors for the side windows are a good idea. If you want a better view to the rear then the small spoilers / covers (also called rain board) for the rearview mirror exactly the right choice. The articles provide sufficient supply of fresh air even in bad weather and keep out dirt and rain. When buying should be on a general operating permit and high quality materials, such as acrylic glass, be respected.

never attach components without approval

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Useful gadget: Wind and water deflector for the car

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Useful gadget: Wind and water deflector for the car

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Useful gadget: Wind and water deflector for the car

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Useful gadget: Wind and water deflector for the car

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Useful gadget: Wind and water deflector for the car

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