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Laws and regulations for the registration of tuning vehicles

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What needs to be considered when registering tuning vehicles? Not only the legal provisions are important here, but also contractual regulations with motor insurance. Here you can find out more about the granting of attachments and technical details
Components, as well as the procedure for approval and insurance.

When does the operating permit expire?

Every car has one general operating permit (ABE). With this permission it is allowed to take part in the traffic. It is usually issued by the manufacturer. According to § 19 StVZO, this operating license expires for your vehicle if you have made changes to the previously approved vehicle type. Appropriate measures must then be approved by a test organization before you can use or allow your car.

Acceptance of attachments

TÜV Tuev Dekra test center KÜS Tuning Laws and regulations for the approval of tuning vehicles

If you install auto parts that require a separate inspection, the changes must be approved by a technical inspection service. This means that, for example, the TÜV or Dekra must prepare an opinion on the roadworthiness of the tuned car. If you want to allow your tuning car, this change acceptance is necessary depending on the type of change. The technical description of the car and the regulations that are relevant in the context of a vehicle registration are entered in the report from the inspection service. With the expert opinion and these documents for vehicle registration you just go to your registration office and register the car. In the course of this, the changes are then entered in the vehicle registration document. Proof of the issued operating permit must be carried in the vehicle accordingly.

Parts without loss of operating license

There are exceptions where the operating license is not immediately lost. These are vehicle parts that are generally approved for tuning by law. To do this, the parts must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Parts have their own operating license (there may be a restriction to certain ones
    Vehicle types to be checked)
  • Existence of a type approval
  • General operating permit of the vehicle part is available
  • Approval by an inspection service
  • Parts have an EEC type-approval, an EEC component type-approval or an EC type-approval

More specific conditions can also be found in Section 19 (3) StVZO.

Which vehicle parts need an officially approved design?

BMW M4 Remus Exhaust Revozport tuning carbon 24 laws and regulations for the registration of tuning vehicles

It is also important when tuning that you only use officially approved types for certain vehicle parts. You can find an extensive list at Section 22a of the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations, These components may only be offered, sold or used in Germany if they are marked with an officially prescribed and assigned test mark. The reason for this is that this regulation is intended to ensure traffic safety.

Notification obligation to the motor insurance

Does the car insurance need to be informed about adjustments to the vehicle? According to Section 23 of the Insurance Contract Act, policyholders may not increase the risk without the consent of the insurance company. There is usually already an increase in danger if, for example, the engine power is increased or the driving dynamics become sportier. If the notification is not received, the insurer may reduce the benefit in the event of damage depending on the severity of the fault. Unless the tuning was not the cause of the accident or the policyholder can prove that he was not grossly negligent. In the event of an intentional breach of duty as part of the increase in risk, car insurance can even be completely free of benefits if the modifications were not reported on time. It is therefore generally advisable to notify the insurer before registering. Even if this can increase the insurance premium. However, you will avoid potential problems in the event of damage and also already know exactly what costs you can expect.

Tuning Accident Insurance EVB e1560414867983 laws and regulations for the registration of tuning vehicles

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