Friday 23nd October 2020
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Publish press release on

Good press work is an integral and important part of public relations. Companies, associations etc. can publish a press release on to inform the desired target group about important news. then passes the information on to the final reader. In order to increase the chances of a good contribution, there are certain standards that should be adhered to when creating a press release. By the way, your press releases can also be distributed via ours social media channels.

Publish press release - reach target group

A press release (PM) is an informative text intended to draw attention to a specific product, event or important news item of importance. Your public relations work will be made easier with the tuningblog press release. Readers of know that a press release that is published here always means added value.

What to look for before publishing

In order to increase the chances of a good distribution, some points should be taken into account when creating the press release. The text should have a meaningful heading. Place and date should be given. Who, what, when, where, how and why - that should be answered. Think of details and background information. Numbers, facts, case studies and names are also interesting. Who is the author of the press release? Contact details of the contact person are welcome.

Advantages of publishing your press release

tuningblog is a well-known Auto & Tuning magazine in German-speaking countries. Press releases can be set up inexpensively and published yourself. The press release is usually activated within 24-48 hours. There is the possibility to put links, pictures and banners. Additional services can be booked. tuningblog makes it easy to find messages via search engines and counts around 500 thousand. Visitors monthly.

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