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Thomas Wachsmuth: Owner and editor of tuningblog.euProfessional background: Thomas (Facebook, Xing), an expert in the automotive sector, has a career that began in 1998 when he decided to complete a three-year training course to become a car painter. The basic technical training gave him a deep insight into the automotive world and laid the foundation for his later passion for it Automotive journalism.

Although he didn't take the traditional path of journalism, Thomas was able to do so thanks to a number of Further developments sharpen his skills in this area. He earned certifications in various research and interviewing techniques, which helped him to thoroughly understand complex automotive topics and report on them in a way that is both compelling and informative.

His commitment to lifelong learning also gave him knowledge of a variety of journalistic formats. From reports and documentaries to reviews and glosses - Thomas knows how to capture the nuances of each format and incorporate the knowledge into his work. With over a decade of experience in the Journalism industry Thomas has a unique perspective on automotive journalism. His training, combined with extensive practical experience and expertise, makes him one of the leading voices in his field.

Further training/training:

  • Training “Social Media 2011”
  • Online training “Volunteer Course 2012”
  • Training “People Journalism 2014”
  • Training “Mobile Reporting 2015”
  • Distance learning course “Journalism 2018+2019”
  • Training “Investigative Journalism 2020”
  • Distance learning course “Online Journalism 2021”
  • Training “AI in Journalism 2023”

Member of the German Media Association eV

  • No. 285703749

Interest in:

  • Thomas' passion revolves around everything that has wheels and moves. From car and motorcycle tuning to all facets of e-mobility, he always has his finger on the pulse and shares his knowledge and enthusiasm for these topics with the community.

Mission of

  • With, Thomas' goal was to create an online magazine that is known as a reference work on the subject of tuning. He wants to provide daily information about car and motorcycle tuning and thus offer a reliable source for enthusiasts and those interested. We also care about everything related to the interests of campers and fans of e-mobility. This is one of the reasons why tuningblog is so broad in terms of content.

other editors: Thomas Vanessa, Felix, Isabella, Niklas, Anja, Timo, Adrian, Lars, Marc, Ahmad Aslam