Manhart Performance

Manhart Performance is a tuning company for automobiles and has a long tradition since 30, based in Wuppertal (Germany). Thanks to the great quality of his work, this company has been successful for decades. For over 30 years, Manhart Performance has sought BMW-Optimize vehicles. During this long period, the company has developed extremely experienced knowledge in the field. Autotuning the automobiles of M-GmbH pays particular attention to Manhart. Optimizing the power-to-weight ratio is a hallmark of Manhart Performance. For this purpose, technology swaps are used, in which special biturbo engines are installed together with a perfected transmission, so that previously large, heavy models become lighter and smaller vehicles. At Manhart Performance, there is an immensely high quality standard here, so that even BMW connoisseurs usually only realize at second glance that an entirely different engine is installed instead of the conventional series engine. At Manhart Performance, it is another core competence to develop, manufacture and sell weight-optimized products from BMW models. In recent years, however, more and more brands such as Audi, Bentley, etc. have joined them. There is more about the company