Camping & RV

We will unfortunately have to disappoint anyone who expects “off the peg” mobile homes and campers as standard in our Camping & Motorhome division. The world of camping can also be harmonized with the topic of tuning. Here you will find modified camping vehicles, converted trailers and even whole ones rig have already rebuilt various tuners to moving living area. Vehicles which are built by hand extensively and with passion to be able to pursue the hobby camping / vacation belong in this category on Although there will be a motorhome now and then, the just has received a new set of alloy wheels or perhaps a Vollfolierung, special vehicles like the Hunter RMV Predator 6.6that's crazy Lexani G-77: Sky Master or even a little follower like that Brother EXP 4 but are clearly in focus. And like that Weinsberg CUVolution & Knaus CUVision Motorhomes prove to be a body kit or a roaring exhaust system to a camper nothing in the way. From time to time you will also find in this category reports on individual accessory parts for campers and those who want to become one. For example, there would be the IoCamper-Installation for various transporters worth mentioning. But our passion is obviously crazy things like this VW T4 van which mutated in hours to the luxury caravan by hand. In the usual extensive and detailed reports, we present these moving apartments to you. Perhaps your dream motorhome is even included in the Camping & Motorhome category!