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Did you know that the term Fahrzeugtuning od. Tuning is derived from the English “to tune” for voting or harmonizing? Specifically, it refers to individual changes and modifications to cars, motorcycles, trucks or even buses. Even bicycles, boats or planes are not excluded from the tuning. Basically, tuning should always bring an improvement and serve the purpose of improving the performance or the driving characteristics of a vehicle. But tuning also means changes to the look, in the interior or in the soundscape of the exhaust system. Not to forget, of course, the tuning in the interior, which relates to sound systems, leather upholstery, multimedia, etc.

often searched: Chiptuning, Airride, Dashcam, rear spoiler, foiling

The meaning of the term tuning can be interpreted as fine-tuning and, in a narrower sense, refers to the fine-tuning of various components such as the engine, aerodynamics, body, chassis or the interior. Further afield, tuning also means boring out the cylinder to increase the displacement, converting it to bi-turbo, installing a compressor, nitrous oxide injection, or installing a complete engine with more displacement and more power. Often terms such as Motorswap, Air Intake System or regarding the body, the specialist suddenly speaks of chopping from sectioning or from shortening, When it comes to the interior, on the other hand, terms are like Harness belts, Accelerator Tuning, Hi-Fi Tuning or general Interior finishing in conversation. But what does all this mean? What is hidden behind completely unknown tuning terms such as illest, DUB-Tuning or stance? Our huge tuning Wikipedia has the resolution and answers exactly these questions. Just browse through our alphabetical order or take a look at them Tuning Wikipedia category where all posts are sorted by publication date. Wiki

Following a few more or less meaningful tuning terms directly from the scene:

ABE, ABG, figure eight, farm rail, adapter measurement cable, agricultural hook, agricultural support, old car hit, aluminum oil pan, ant killer, anchoring, antenna ball, asphalt cutting discs, ATU, racer, stickers, plot, exceptions, car dealership, fuck frog, AVUS, rims, Babysezndoor, Babyfüz, Babyfüz Barnd Baroque rims, beamer, BK, blower, BMW, bottlecaps, curb sensor, Bosch chassis, Brunox, Brunoxieren, Bugnet, BurgerKingen, C-Rex, channeling, Christophorus plaque, chrome jewels, cosmic, rims, cream cut hood, CurbFeeler, Curbfeeler, roof garden, daparto, The, lint, tuners, DFL, DFT, DOHC, domlagerwechsel, Edelschmiede, Eezibleed, elephant roller skate, entourage boats, strawberry baskets, Erdmöbeltransporter, ESD, ESP, elbow, Fertan, Fertanisierung, Flex, FlyEye, Fön, frenched, Frittentheke, front scraper, front scratcher Fuchsfelgen, FuelandFood, Fuzzydices, Gasburner, GFK, Graukittel, GSR, Gullideckel, Gurkenhobel, cleaver rims, hook marks, hand torn, housewife porsche, Heckschleuder, H eidelbergerLowering, Iron, Cross, Jägerkübel, Jägermeisterorange, JDM, KAD, Kärchern, Kasperbude, Katzentreppe, child mourning equipment, KLE, toilet lid, toilet paper hat, anti-corrosion depot, fender dipstick, Kotzknolle, KPZ, clutch centering pin, Li, sausage lube, liver sausage dough, liver sausage dough, liver sausage dough, liver sausage dough, liver sausage dumplings, liver sausage dough, liver sausage dumplings Ludenbenz, air filter, Mancona, Manni, mouse cinema, Mercer, butcher welding, millimeter disc, MoonDiscs, bonnet spoiler, MSD, coati, nerve, bars, camshaft, NOS, Nose, Art, Nuddekutsch, Nutzgolf, OEM, OHC, OHF, oil slicer, oil cooler, Opelgold, OSG, dipstick, pendulum axle, pirate, PCD, covered wagon, popometer, pornstyle, primer, QP, wheel bearing change, raptor pot, advice, finch, rat, rat hood, tire label, rice cooker, racing roll, Rocco, Rockford turn, roofscoop, rust paint, backpack golf, Reverse driver, run-flat tire, rust roll, slut tractor, snow shovel, semi-trailing arm rear axle, surge lock, black driver meeting, pig hook, pig trough, SciroccoLounge, Se ctioning, Shaving, Shockerhand, Sintisicheln, Smoothies, Snowcaps, SnowflakeWheels, Spachtelbude, Spaxen, Sperrwolf, Sport Air Filter, Spucknapflenkrad, SSF, Stencil, Stickerbomb, Stricher, SwampCooler, TalbotSpiegel, Telefonfelgen, Tellerminen, Tiefenentach, Lowering, Tophop Tranny, Tuntenlooker, UDD, UFO, VA, bird bath, Volksrod, water bitch, Welli, wind splits, sausage flasher, timing belt change, Zastrow, ZE, gypsy hook, ZKD