Stance, Fitment, Slammed, Hellaflush - what does that actually mean?

Honda Jade Stance Tuning Airride VSXX rims 27 Stance, Fitment, Slammed, Hellaflush what does that actually mean?

In the tuning scene, certain terms have emerged in recent years that require a basic explanation because they are not easy for an outsider to understand. However, one has to bear in mind that not all new words mean something new. Those who are familiar with the world of “tuning” may have heard these expressions before. Some accessories manufacturers have developed some trendy words that have found their way into the corresponding brand names.

What is “stance”?

accuair stance Stance, Fitment, Slammed, Hellaflush what does that mean?
Extreme lowering with Accuair-Airride

In British linguistics, the terms “stance” can be translated in many ways. It can mean a certain "attitude" or attitude. With regard to tuning, the expression in the composition can mean different factors in the wheel and chassis area. If a vehicle is very "low", the wheels inevitably run close to the body and you then have a great "stance" or "fitment". Actually a total rape of the English vocabulary because "fitting" in British usage actually means "to be suitable for" ... or "suitable for" ... ..

Stretching & Fitment… Huh?

IMAG0311 Stance, Fitment, Slammed, Hellaflush what does that mean?
Stretching = Tires pulled

The meaning of this “fitment” is therefore more likely to mean “grip” on the road, ie to describe the grip between the vehicle and the road. So when the vehicle is "extremely laid down", the chassis, the camber and the rims and so-called "towed tires" (stretching) naturally also play a not insignificant role. Therefore, the latter two points are actually unimportant because if you have wide rims on your vehicle, you will inevitably have a corresponding, smaller press-in depth on the tire so that they fit under the body. Terms like "Hellaflushing", "Demon Camber" or "Slamming / Slammed" then appear.

The term "slamming" or "slammed"

slammed bmw ratlook Stance, Fitment, Slammed, Hellaflush what does that mean?

Most of them are savory innovations. So it is customary now that the wheels run almost more below the body than that they are exposed. This means that the tires now disappear to a certain extent when they are installed under the body. Actually a thing that looks quite elegant, but as with everything in life one can argue about taste. One just likes "blond" and the other on "dark". Our Lord loves diversity. Everyone has to decide for themselves.


Hellaflush e1485543278917 Stance, Fitment, Slammed, Hellaflush what does that mean?As far as hellaflush is concerned, this term is used to refer to a user-oriented modification of movement (movement) and traction. Of course, the safety of the vehicle was also considered. In Hellaflushing, the tendency is to attach the tires to the fender recess as closely as possible, usually in conjunction with offset rims. The tires on the car must protrude beyond the frame. There is a risk of restricting maneuverability in the car, which most people find unwilling. Understandably.

Demon camber

demon camber Stance, Fitment, Slammed, Hellaflush what does that mean?Literally translated, this term means "demonic bulge" or "demonic fall". You want to express a fall of the vehicle tires inclined towards the road. Here, the front wheels of the automobile have a more concentrated, external inclination to the vehicle. The wheels should come closer to the bottom than they are at the top of the tire.

This novel car styling from Asia has emerged in recent years. It describes an excessively lower car by adjusting the fall of the vehicle tires inclined towards the road. The Oni-Camber also shocked by attached struts and reinforcements by an extreme negative fall. In this way, the created angles of the wheel hub and the steering knuckle can be realized. The body literally “hovers” just a few centimeters above the road surface.

TÜV? Unthinkable…. 😀

The Demon Camber is rather unreliable because it can be very destructive. So the tires, but also the rims, can cope with even the slightest bumps in the road with difficulty and the risk of vehicle damage is immense. In addition, there is additional tire wear and, if necessary, severe structure-related damage to the chassis, which makes driving pleasure unrealistic. Longevity and vehicle reliability are almost impossible with the demon crash. They lose their meaning and the over-the-top tuning loses all of its brilliance.

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