Mansory design

Crass, blatant, mansory! In the Upper Palatinate in the deepest, rural Bavaria, the tuner Mansory has its headquarters. He specializes in tuning luxury cars. Not well known in Germany, Koroush Mansory celebrates great success with its extreme designs abroad. So he makes for example from the Lamborghini Huracán a real fighting machine: Den Torofeo, The factory Huracán 610 horsepower and has 560 Newtonmeter torque. Mansory boosts Torofeo's power to incredible 1250 PS and 1000 Newtonmeter torque. In addition, a look that is reminiscent of a fighter jet made of carbon. The vehicles are unique and are mainly bought in the Emirates. Koroush is an all-rounder: In addition to his shop for extreme conversions, he leads a furniture workshop. The innovative material carbon is found both in his furniture as well as in and in the cars. Even if Mansory and his designs are a matter of taste. He shows what's possible in autotuning. There is more about the company

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