Saturday 24rd October 2020


The history of today's "Bayerische Motorenwerke" began 1916, as at 07.03. the "Bavarian aircraft plants" were founded by a descendant of the developer of the petrol engine. Only 6 years later, it was renamed "Bayerische Motorenwerke", where cars were still not produced. It came only 1928 after the takeover of Eisenach steel mills, where to date a well-known car brand "Dixi" was produced. Until 1928, the company actually focused on the manufacture of aircraft engines and since 1923 also on the production of motorcycles. Only after the Second World War, the focus shifted to the production of cars, with BMW being one of the largest manufacturers worldwide with 2,36 million cars. The tuning of the models of this company is also popular, because the cars of the company headquartered in Munich and almost 100000 employees are bought by sophisticated people with taste. The car tuning makes these already luxurious models of the company even more original, which is why the business is thriving.