Premium vehicles

Unfortunately, we have to disappoint anyone who expects standard vehicles “off the peg” in our “Premium Vehicles” area. Here you will only find completely modified and converted cars, some of which can also be seen on our homepage. This one has missed an extensive tuning designed with passion. A new set of alloy wheels is just the beginning. From lowering, body kits and exhaust systems to chip tuning, everything is represented that the heart of every auto tuning friend desires. You will not find reports about individual tuning parts in this section. Rather, this is about the overall concept of a tuned vehicle and how the individual components give the vehicle a completely new character. We present these unique premium vehicles to you in extensive and detailed reports. And since we are talking about "vehicles", it is clear that highly refined motorcycles such as the Brabus 1300 R KTM are also included here. Maybe your vehicle is the next premium vehicle featured here!?