Thursday 28rd September 2023

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Here you will find tutorials for tuning & service on the car and technical information!


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There is always something happening on our side, for which purpose besides the Law wiki and the TuningWiki also heard our tutorial wiki. Interesting topics can be selected here directly, which is a great advantage.

HEADS-UP: With our tutorials we would like to “HELP” you the correct way to install, maintain or analyze various products on the car. However, we would like to emphasize that we accept no liability for the correctness. We do not guarantee the topicality and correctness, nor the completeness or quality of the information provided. Liability claims against us due to material or immaterial damage that may arise from the use of information in our tutorials are fundamentally excluded within the legally permissible framework.

Clear and simple structure

That was exactly the aim here and we succeeded. Topics are addressed that not only interest friends of the tuning scene, because also a oil change or the exchange of Xenon lamps is explained here in a tutorial. To make the selection easier, everything has been highlighted with topic-related images. It's worth taking a look right now. Especially if someone intends to change the car, because of course there are always a few things to consider. Because as soon as the road traffic regulations are violated, problems could arise. This is exactly what can be avoided, because our instructions often contain direct information on use in road traffic. This allows errors to be avoided, especially when it comes to tuning. Not everything that looks good is really allowed. This is exactly where you should always inform yourself before you start to screw on the car.

First look and then decide

So that the car can still be on the road, it's worth more than just a look here. That's why our tutorial wiki is interesting and helpful. More knowledge is always good, although this should also be well-founded. All of this is provided in our tutorial wiki. But our explanations go one step further, because there are often companies and terms for certain modifications that are often difficult to find. It is therefore worth taking a look at our overview and it might just include what you were looking for.