Adjusting the headlights: a few tips and tricks!

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A crucial factor for Your safety and the Safety of others Are participants in road traffic correctly adjusted headlights. This is why you should be setting your headlights carefully check and regularly check. An indication that the headlights are not working optimally is when you flash oncoming drivers in the dark or you cannot see anything yourself when you are driving at night. Both indicate either incorrectly adjusted or broken headlights down. A problem that needs to be fixed quickly.

Adjust the headlight

If the high or low beam settings are incorrect, that is probably the case too tilt angle the headlights are set incorrectly and the vehicle cannot illuminate the road sufficiently. This leads to restricted visibility and endangers road safety. In this article we will tell you how to correctly adjust headlights. You should only take this into your own hands, if you know your way around. Otherwise, you should always go to a professional. In the Specialist workshop can the headlights namely with special devices quickly and inexpensively adjusted.

headlights shades adjusting the light adjusting the headlights: a few tips and tricks!

How to adjust the headlights of your car yourself:

Depending on the car brand or the respective model, you can set the headlight range for the Adjust the low beam or high beam yourself. With conventional Halogen headlights (H4 or H7) this works pretty quickly with a little practice. With other types of headlights, as a rule just the basic setting can be changed, as the electronics take over the fine adjustment in these types.

According to the requirements of the legislator, every vehicle has had to have a headlight range controlTip: Everything about headlight range adjustment / retrofitting of headlamp levelers) with which the headlight range of the low beam depending on the load of the vehicle can be changed. The regulation is mostly done manually, using a wheel mounted to the left or right of the steering wheel. The headlight range is regulated by the angle of inclination of the headlights. Normally, the angle of inclination of the headlights is with the low beam between 1 and 1,2 degrees and in High beam between 2 and 2,5 degrees. In most cases, a sticker on the headlight housing shows the prescribed number of degrees.

When do the headlights have to be adjusted?

If you're with a fully loaded trunk or a trailer, the headlights must be adjusted. Even if the headlights too high or too low are set so that they dazzle drivers in oncoming traffic or minimize your range of vision, a change must be made. After a collision or a Repair at the front, as well as after the installation of new headlights, an adjustment must also be made.

headlights shades adjusting the light 3 Adjusting the headlights: a few tips and tricks!

How can the headlights be changed without an adjustment device?

If your car has a conventional halogen lighting system you can adjust the headlights yourself with the help of a white wall, a tape measure and an adhesive strip. To do this, simply fill the tank at least halfway, the Check tire pressure and the driver's seat with at least Load 75 kg. Then after the Setting data or the angle of inclination looking for the headlights. Then park the car at a distance of about 10 meters to a white wall and line up the car.

headlights shades adjusting the light 2 Adjusting the headlights: a few tips and tricks!

Then mark one with the help of the adhesive strip horizontal guide linewhere the height of the line must match the height of the center of the headlight. Then mark the distance between the two headlights and draw two vertical lines that mark the center of the two headlights.

Then the Correction line drawn. To do this, mark a second horizontal line with adhesive tape. This line appears at an angle of inclination of 1,2 degrees and a distance of 10 meters from the wall about 12 cm drawn away from the first line.

The headlights can then be adjusted. If you switch on the headlights and the center of the light cone hits the correction line, then the headlights are correctly adjusted. If this is not the case, the headlights must be adjusted using the screw above the headlight. Simply turn this screw until the vertical setting is correct.

Make sure that the most intense part of the light is left or right next to the two vertical lines. If this is not the case, the light cone can be adjusted with the screws on the left and right of the headlights.

Many Xenon and LED headlights, as well as headlights with automatic adjustment you can do not adjust yourself. With these types, if at all, only the Basic setting to be changed. With even more complex headlights or high-tech lighting systems, which steer or about one Matrix LED you can do it yourself do nothing more. If such headlights shine out of line, you have to go to a professional.

Have the headlights adjusted by a professional:

The headlights can of course be adjusted quickly and easily in the workshop. Whereby the control of the headlights is actually for Scope of inspection counts. In addition, many workshops offer a so-called Autumn check or light test at which the headlights sometimes even kostenfrei to be checked.

How much time does a professional light test take?

A light test takes place in the specialist workshop just a few minutes. The light test is carried out using special headlight aiming devices (SEG), which provide exact results. However, if something needs to be changed on the headlights, it can take longer. If the headlights or sensors are defective, you can expect that your car will have to stay in the workshop longer.

How expensive is a light test at a professional?

A light test is fine reduce your recruitment costs and is even used by many workshops in October kostenfrei offered. Checking the headlights is also one of the fixed points when inspecting the vehicle. If you have the headlights checked outside of an action or inspection, this usually costs between 10 and 40 Euro. The price varies depending on the amount of work and the respective settings.

headlights dazzles adjust the light workshop light test adjust the headlights: a few tips and tricks!

Why are well-adjusted headlights important?

Incorrectly adjusted headlights can harm other drivers dazzle and thus that Accident risk increase. In addition, a light that is set too low can lead to a very short light cone, which is why you may recognize obstacles too late and no longer be able to avoid them.

Of course that had not happened yet!

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