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Scrap and dispose of the car! This is how it works.

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Car scrapping dispose of the process costs of scrapping and disposing of the car! This is how it works.

Here comes a little guide on where and how to get your car scrap can. Furthermore, we will inform you with which Costs you have to calculate and whether you can save something. There is also the disposal of a vehicle a few things to consider. Here we won't leave you out in the rain, but will provide you with detailed information. When your car has lasted for a long time, it's not easy, but scrapping is sometimes inevitable. But there are many points that you have to consider. We will now explain step by step how your car is disposed of can be.

Scrap and dispose of the car!

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  1. Scrapping and disposal - where?
  2. Car must meet requirements:
  3. Why scrap the car?
  4. Disposal costs
  5. Make money from scrapping!
  6. Check offers
  7. Who does the deregistration?
  8. What do you need to have with you when you deregister?

Scrapping and disposal - where?

Often times they are a little inconspicuous, but there are some places to be Junk car can bring. Indeed set a link from your homepage to it is a certified acceptance point act that stands for all cars Environmentally compliant dispose. Two positions come into question in this case and these would be:

A recycling company:

  • Cars can be scrapped here with a clear conscience. But here, too, it must be noted that the place for it certified only then is the environmental aspect guaranteed. It is not uncommon for the recycling centers to even offer their customers the vehicle directly at the customer's location to pick up. You should only clarify any costs that may arise beforehand. It depends on the company in question, but they usually fall Costs for disposal. When picking up the car and then scrapping it, there are approximate costs of 100 Euros zusammen.

A branded retailer:

  • On January 01st, 2007 a law came into force, which states that importers and dealers have vehicles of their brand take back free of charge have to (§ 3 Obligation to take back end-of-life vehicles regulation). This law applies to vehicles of the class M1 and N1:
  • The definition of class M1: These vehicles are used to transport passengers and have these eight seats maximum zusätzlich to the driver's seat.
  • The definition of class N1: These are vehicles that have the Freight transport serve and a gross vehicle weight of 3,5 tons can not be exceed.

If the vehicle can no longer be used and you can no longer bring it back to the seller / manufacturer yourself, you will incur costs. Is the vehicle still ready to drive and registered, you can of course drive it to the permitted location yourself. It is then so to speak the last ride with the trusty vehicle. Then there is certainly one little emotionality there. Fast as if you bring your beloved pet to the vet to be euthanized due to illness.

Car scrap dispose of expiry costs 1 e1618634516998 Scrap and dispose of the car! This is how it works.

Im A radius of 50 kilometers from where you live you should find a way to return it to the dealer. Many cooperate with certified dismantling companies and collection points, in this pool you will definitely find a trustworthy one Scrapping company find who will accept your car. The best thing to do is to get an overview on the manufacturer's website or call them directly, so you can quickly find out where you can drop off your car.

When scrapping through a dealer, it is nicht wichtigwhether you bought the car from the manufacturer or whether it is a former used car from a private person. It is regulated that the manufacturer of the vehicle from the last vehicle owner must take back. "back

Car must meet requirements:

  1. Important parts and components of the car (body, drive, chassis, electronic control unit and catalytic converter) must be installed on and in the car.
  2. The registration certificate Part II = vehicle registration document must be available.
  3. No rubbish may be left in the car, including, for example, jukeboxes you have installed yourself, child seats or residual waste. "back

Why scrap the car?

Are in every vehicle pollutants and components that are harmful to the environment. For this reason, the trusty vehicle must be disposed of by a professional and environmentally friendly company. In addition, there are valuable raw materials in the car (Light and precious metals, tires, glass, copper, steel, plastics) installed. These substances can be recycled become. This saves resources.

Car scrap dispose of expiry costs 2 e1618634562111 Scrap and dispose of the car! This is how it works.

Furthermore: Has the vehicle none Approval or there is no mark on it, it is can not be allowedto park on traffic routes or parking lots. In such a case a Fine of 60 euros due, a point in Flensburg also comes to that. Should you dispose of your car in this way, it is a crime of "illegal waste disposal". For such an offense there is usually a penalty of at least 4.000 Euros. "back

Disposal costs

The disposal of an old vehicle that complies with all standards costs around 100 Euros. Most recycling companies will charge you this amount, but there is one Free Possibility of having the car disposed of by the brand dealer. There are then only bureaucratic costs for you and the de-registration of the car, which with about 10 Euros to book. "back

Make money from scrapping!

There are also dismantling companies that still have parts of your vehicle utilize and resell can. In this case, you may even get money for your old car or the recycling costs can not be be calculated. However, it depends on the condition and the model whether it is actually still usable car parts that can be removed. Don't leave anything to chance, just leave it negotiate! Feel free to get the opinion of several companies and collect the price proposals until you make a decision. "back

Check offers

It often happens that it does none valuable parts on the vehicle. Then the car is disposed of and that costs money. But even in this case it is important to first inquire about the non-binding costs. As already mentioned, you have to reckon with costs around 100 euros. That is the usual price.

Additional services

  • Do you need Additional services, the whole thing will be more expensive. These include, for example the collection of the vehicle at your home or when the vehicle must be logged off from the company. Please inquire about the additional costs in your own interest previously. The collection often costs 100 Euro, then the deregistration of the car is usually included.

Free scrapping by the dealer

  • As mentioned, there is of course the possibility of using the car via the brand dealer to dispose of. Then this endeavor will cost you nothing. However, additional costs can always be incurred when using additional services from the disposal company.

signing off

  • At the very end, the car is deregistered. That costs in the authority between 6 and 10 Euro. But we will inform you about this in more detail shortly. "back

Who does the deregistration?

You can de-register your old car at the relevant registration office in your district. In most cases, you have also registered the car there, provided you have been in the past few years can not be moved. Otherwise you can find the right authority on the Internet or when you call your municipality / city and ask.

Approval paper car part 1 Scrap and dispose of the car! This is how it works.

The disposal company usually carries out the de-registration itself. But you should ask about this beforehand and if the additional costs that may arise are too high for you, you will drive better if you do it yourself. It is a visit to the authorities that often does not take longer than half an hour. In times of Corona, however, you will probably have to make an online appointment beforehand. Regardless of who takes on this task, always get a copy of the from the disposal company Certificate of Destruction give away. "back

What do you need to have with you when you deregister?

  • a certificate of recovery (from the certified disposal company)
  • both license plates (don't forget to unscrew them before scrapping)
  • the vehicle registration document and vehicle registration document
  • Registration certificate part I = vehicle registration document
  • Registration certificate part II = vehicle registration document "back

Finally time for something new

If you have been able to scrap your trusty vehicle, the time has come for a new one. We wish you many happy years with your new one!

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Of course that had not happened yet!

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