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Hypercar and Supecar - what are the differences?

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01 chiron pur sport front by jascha straub Hypercar and Supecar what are the differences?

The automotive market today is as big and diverse as you could not have imagined at the beginning of the car. The range of vehicles is not just limited to Color, horsepower and top speed far. There is the right car for every taste and every budget. Regardless of whether production vehicle or handmade Single copy. There is nothing that is not there! Of course, the following applies: The more expensive the cars get, the more exclusive and unusual they also get. In the most expensive and therefore also the most exclusive car classes, there are many terms that are not used in the cheaper models.

Supercars and Hypercars

small car, compact car, middle class, Pickup, Upper class, SUV or Convertible are known to all. The term "middle upper class"Or"SAC“May still be familiar to one or the other. And then there are the typical ones Athlete like a Corvette or a Porsche 911. But there are two types of vehicle that are particularly exclusive and accordingly also cost a few euros more Supercars and Hypercars. The question that often arises, however: What do these two terms mean? And what is that Difference between the two car variants?

Callaway Forged Wheels Chevrolet Corvette C8 Hypercar and Supecar what are the differences?

What is a supercar?

Supercars or Supercar are known for one thing in particular, and that is Performance. They are at the forefront of performance and can also leave a large number of special racing cars far behind when it comes to a race. The number of horsepower of a supercar quickly goes into the hundreds and the price into the millions.

2021 Porsche 911 GT3 992 Tuning 10 Hypercar and Supecar what are the differences?

The term "Supercar“Originally comes from England. The well-known London newspaper "The Times" used the term in 1920 to describe the 6,7 liter Ensign 6 to introduce and describe to its readers. At the time, the car was one of the best pieces the automotive industry had to offer in terms of design, technology and, above all, performance. This is exactly what the term “supercars” still stands for today.

four details are decisive for the supercar

If you want to express it more precisely, you can mainly rely on 4 characteristics that make a supercar one. This is the Design, The Price, which Technology and the Performance of the carriage. The point is that the car has at least one of these characteristics is absolute top and belongs to the elite of the automotive industry. The cars can belong to all types of car models.

Most beautiful hypercar Bugatti Bolide 9 Hypercar and Supecar what are the differences?

Two good examples are, for example Lafite X-Road, which as an off-road buggy is a real supercar, just like the McLaren 620R or the Lamborghini Huracan Performant. McLaren in particular is one of the manufacturers who is known for supercars, which are mainly used in Design and performance to convince. In order for such performances to be achieved in one of the four characteristics, the manufacturers for supercars have to keep repeating beyond the limits of what is feasible go out and innovate.

a pickup can also be a supercar

An example of a car that is mainly used in the Performance and technology stands out and can therefore also be seen as a supercar, is the Cybertruck from Tesla. Of course, this does not yet meet all four criteria. But if a car does this, it will even end up in one even more exclusive circle. A car that Performance, Im Design, in the Technology and at Price set new standards, that becomes the Hypercar.

Tesla Cybertruck Hypercar and Supecar what are the differences?

What exactly is a hypercar?

About 1% of the already exclusive supercars can be classified as Hypercar are designated. They are simply the top of the range in all areas and are convincing across the board. Hypercars are for example the Mclaren elva or the from 1.900 HP strong pininfarina Baptist. But also that Bugatti Chiron, the Aspark owl, the Zenvo TSR-S, the Koenigsegg Gemera or the Pagani Huayra are real hypercars.

Hypercars can simply be called that bar see in all areas of the automotive industry. If you really want to be at the top, you have to have the current hypercars in the four characteristics catch upif not at all overtake. Hypercars' motto is clear: No compromise anywhere.


In the end, as already described, only around 1% of supercars make the leap to hypercars. Reaching the level of a supercar is impressive, but a hypercar is simply a supercar in all respects and above all as a whole consider. So is the one, for example Mercedes-AMG One another class of its own to one Porsche Taycan 4S, Ferrari F8 Tribute or McLaren 720S.

The demarcation is difficult

Even on paper, the difference between a hypercar and a supercar is sometimes not that easy to make out. In reality it will be even more difficult. The biggest problem is that the technical development is moving so quickly. New cars keep coming out on top and previous hypercars are gradually slipping from the category. A good example of this is the Ferrari Monza SP2, which was considered a true symbol of hypercars. But those times are over. The SP2 is currently a super sports car, but it is absolutely safe no hypercar more.

At the end... The distinction between supercars and hypercars is difficult. You can remember that the components of a hypercar are often still more expensive, more complex and more powerful and hypercars per se are even rarer or more limited than most supercars. But if you look at the current hypercars for a long time, you will quickly notice that a current top hypercar may be slipping down the ladder tomorrow.

Of course that had not happened yet!

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