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Aspark Owl - Japanese electric hypercar made in Europe.

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Aspark Owl 2020 electric hypercar 5 Aspark Owl Japanese electric hypercar made in Europe.

In 2017, the Japanese company Aspark presented the first design sketches for the planned super sports car called Aspark Owl. In the meantime, the first drafts have turned into a top-class, ready-to-drive car, which has now celebrated its premiere at the Dubai Motor Show. The first vehicles are scheduled for delivery in the second quarter, but only 50 of the exclusive hypercar are planned.

Design with extreme lines.

Aspark Owl 2020 electric hypercar 7 Aspark Owl Japanese electric hypercar made in Europe.

The design of the Aspark Owl is somewhat reminiscent of a Corvette C8 from the front, but the powerful fenders already give an idea of ​​the power in this vehicle. The extra-large air intake on the side is only for show purposes because the electric motor does not require air supply, but the optics do not detract from this. The brute look of the Japanese continues at the rear, which has to do without a rear window, and borrows from current Le Mans racers. The exterior mirrors are also designed in a racing car style and ensure good aerodynamics for the super sports car.

Interior is not unlike McLaren.

Aspark Owl 2020 electric hypercar 9 Aspark Owl Japanese electric hypercar made in Europe.

At first glance, the cockpit of the Aspark Owl looks a bit like that of a McLaren, as the racing bucket seats with leather upholstery and the control unit in the center console are somewhat reminiscent of the models from the British super sports car manufacturer. The sports steering wheel with a wide range of setting options for all possible driving programs, on the other hand, looks as if it had been taken directly from Formula 1. As usual with Ferrari, the Aspark Owl also dispenses with the steering column stalk to operate the indicators, lights and windshield wipers, which creates an even more racing car feeling, but makes operation noticeably more difficult for inexperienced pilots in everyday life.

Electric heart with 2012 PS for crazy driving performance.

The heart of the Aspark Owl is an electric drive that consists of a total of 4 electric motors with a total system output of 1480 kW. That makes the crazy horsepower of 2012 horsepower. The maximum torque of the electric race is also an incredible 2000 Newton meters of maximum torque. Equipped like this, the Japanese man, who is manufactured in Turin, Italy, sprints from 1,9 to 0 km / h in a crazy 100 seconds. It takes only 300 seconds from zero to 11 km / h. That is Formula 1 level. In fact, on normal roads it is hardly possible to begin exploring the reserves of the hypercar, since they are at such a high level that they can only be teased out on racetracks. Thanks to a large 64 kWh battery, the range of the electric hypercar is a remarkable 450 km.

Also in terms of price in the automotive Champions League.

The solvent clientele, who would like to benefit from getting this super sports car, has to dig deep into their pockets, because the anticipated entry price comes to 2,9 million euros. The Aspark therefore plays in the price league with luxury yachts and villas, and a Bugatti or a Koenigsegg almost seem like bargains against this floor. The limitation to only 50 pieces contributes to the exorbitant price of this hypercar, which is manufactured by hand. There will probably be no model cars or posters of this car, which means that the Aspark Owl will not take the hearts of sports car fans by storm, as it is still too unknown for that. However, it shows that we don't have to do without super sports cars even in the era after the petrol era, and that electric cars can not only be green and reasonable, but have also been developed into real driving machines. If we receive timely information on further details, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

Aspark Owl 2020 electric hypercar 12 Aspark Owl Japanese electric hypercar made in Europe.

(Photos: Aspark)

Aspark Owl 2020 electric hypercar 14 Aspark Owl Japanese electric hypercar made in Europe.

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Aspark Owl - Japanese electric hypercar

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