Tuning Wiki

In our Tuning Wikipedia (Tuning Wiki) you will find the most important tuning terms / technical terms from the tuning scene explained understandable. We have created a glossary for you first letters shows these terms. If you prefer this variant then click HERE and look around. Just recently there was a discussion on a very specific term at a tuning meeting sectioning, Angel Eyes or Cars Tripping? We certainly have an understandable explanation for these terms. Even professional tuners do not know all the terms or their meaning in the scene. Is in the last Video Did you like a term you do not know? Our tuning Wikipedia has guaranteed the resolution. Just look and avoid Misunderstandings about the tuning vocabulary. The tuningblog tuning wiki is one of the most comprehensive and is always fed with new terms. Finally you can talk about topics like Stance, Oak, Hellaflush or illest entertained because our tuning Wikipedia provides you with exactly the background knowledge you need to have a say.