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Carstripping - dispense with weight-bearing parts

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Roll cage retrofit tuning Roll cage Carstripping - do without weight-increasing parts

Especially in a so-called track tool or Racetool, so a car that is intended for the racetrack or the quarter mile, it is very important that all comfort features that drive the weight in the air, are removed from the car. Be it insulation in the doors, the entire rear seat or the heavy series seats, which is replaced by extremely light racing bucket seats, the main thing the car is lighter and its power to weight ratio better. This can go so far as to even remove safety features such as an airbag steering wheel, and be replaced by an airbag-less sports steering wheel. Cartripping is probably the most effective way to improve the performance weight of a car without having to save on costly engine tuning, which can be thousands of dollars, especially for a sucking gasoline engine.

Sport steering wheel without airbag

Momo sport steering wheel tuning Carstripping - do without weight-bearing parts

In some cases, there are also stripped versions of production cars, which are rather empty at the dealer to buy, such as the Abarth 695 Biposto, which dispenses with a rear seat, or the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, which is even available as a monoposto, to save the maximum in weight so that you can achieve the fastest possible time on the quarter mile. The most popular are, however, lightweight versions of the 911er series from Porsche such as the 911 R or the GT2 RS, which dispense with various parts such as insulation material, rear seat, inner door handles or automatic climate control and radio to achieve the best possible performance.

Tuning Porsche 911 GT2 998 BiTurbo Cartripping - dispense with weight-bearing parts

Advantages of Carstripping:

  • Improvement of the performance weight, and thus the performance, without engine tuning.
  • very cost effective way to optimize the car.
  • The fun factor is the increased race track capability many times higher.

Disadvantages of Carstripping:

  • The omission of many comfort components greatly reduces the suitability for everyday use.
  • The safety of the vehicle may be deteriorated.
  • The resale value may be severely limited.

If you want to strip your car, you need to weigh the pros and cons well before I decide to take that step and tune your car this way. The same applies of course to the outside! We have HERE for you a little info text what to note regarding the changes outside.

MG Metro 6R4 tuning rallycar Colin McRaea with 400PS 4 Carstripping - refrain from weight-bearing parts

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Titanium rim from the printer - the HRE3D + titanium rims

HRE Performance Wheels HRE3D Titanium Wheel 3D Printer Tuning 10 1 310x165 Carstripping - do without weight-bearing parts

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A DSC03319 Carbon 310x165 Cartripping - refrain from weight-bearing items

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2018 VW Tiguan R Line Xero Tuning 7 310x165 Carstripping - do without weight-bearing parts

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Perfect tailored Sunshades Solarplexius 2 310x165 Carstripping - dispense with weight-bearing parts

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Hot Rod Choppen Top Chop Tuning 310x165 Carstripping - Dispense with weight-bearing items

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2016 Liberty Walk Summer Bash 2 Event Orlando 21 310x165 Carstripping - do without weight-bearing parts

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Smava tuningblog Kredit 12 e1618563898711 Carstripping – auf gewichtstreibende Einzelteile verzichten

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