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Right down to the bottom plate - weight savings with "car stripping"

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car stripping Stripped Tuning Lightweight e1572696660223 Up to the bottom plate to save weight with car stripping

The subject of weight reduction is one of the most decisive criteria for victory in motorsport. Every gram that can be saved results in lower consumption and better acceleration values ​​and, of course, better lap times, since the power of the engine now has to drive less mass. The so-called power-to-weight ratio or the mass-power ratio is also used here, which results from the quotient of the mass and the power of the vehicle. Typical numerical values ​​for a motor vehicle are around 15 kg / kW, with a value of <5 kg / kW usually being achieved for sports cars. A low power-to-weight ratio is always aimed for.

Weight savings through "car stripping"

car stripping Stripped Tuning Lightweight 4 Up to the lower plate weight savings with car stripping

The reduction in weight by clearing out the vehicle represents, in addition to increasing the performance of the engine, a possibility of reducing the power-to-weight ratio. The so-called "car stripping" is also used here, with "exterior stripping" "Represents the removal of body parts on the outside of the vehicle and" interior stripping "relates to clearing out the vehicle interior.

"Interior stripping" - comfort or performance?

car stripping Stripped Tuning Lightweight 5 e1572697025664 Up to the bottom plate to save weight with car stripping

By removing the carpets and insulating materials, the rear seat, the trunk equipment and an exchange of the heavy, factory driver's seat / passenger seat, for example, against a special, much lighter Sport seat weight savings of up to 200 kg can sometimes be achieved. In general, clearing out the interior, i.e. “interior stripping” within the legal framework, turns out to be less problematic. The seats must continue to provide a security for the driver in the form of a belt device and, of course, emergency components such as the first aid box or the breakdown triangle must not be removed. The rule of thumb here is that everything that is not traffic safety can be removed. Learn more about stripping, especially in the interior HERE.

"Exterior stripping" - a legal difficulty

For example, “exterior stripping” includes the removal or replacement of body parts lighter alternatives for the purpose of weight loss. Even in the exterior of the vehicle can be removed in addition to the exchange of heavy steel rims against alloy wheels or the exhaust system, for example, sills, spoilers, power windows or the entire air conditioning to achieve a weight advantage. Again, it should be noted that no incision may be made in traffic safety if the car is still to be used on the road. Especially an exchange of body parts for lighter or aerodynamic alternatives must be accepted by TÜV / Dekra / KÜS. In addition, in the case of an accident appraisers are certainly always tempted to tie the blame to the changes in the vehicle and thus unfortunately often due to unaccepted or unprofessional adjustments to the vehicle can always achieve at least a partial debt. Background is that the approval based on the regulations according to the StVZO and the EC type-approval. If the removal of the vehicle parts leads to a change in the type of vehicle approved in the type-approval or if it is expected to endanger other road users, it may be extinguished.

Conclusion - "Car stripping" yes, but with a sense of proportion

car stripping Stripped Tuning Lightweight 3 e1572696834704 Up to the bottom plate to save weight with car stripping

In summary, there is considerable potential for both forms of weight reduction through "car stripping" in the vehicle interior as well as in the exterior. The only important thing here is that no components relevant to road safety are removed, covered or negatively altered. The operating license can expire or, in the worst case, the insurance cover can be canceled in the event of an accident. As a rule, stripping outside is somewhat more extensive, more expensive and more time-consuming than stripping inside.

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Partition R% C3% BCckwand Tuning 310x165 Up to the lower plate weight savings with car stripping

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Body Trim Heckbel% C3% BCash Flap Boot 3 e1572584044377 310x165 Up to the bottom plate weight savings with car stripping

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Air Freshener Car Diffuser Parf% C3% BCm Clip Tuning e1572505549801 310x165 Up to the bottom plate to save weight with car stripping

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Boarding aid entry level wheelchair ramp Taxi Camper 310x165 Up to the lower plate weight savings with car stripping

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Fear Handle B% C3% BC Gel Handle Headliner Tuning 1 310x165 Up to the undercarriage weight savings with car stripping

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Carburettor Tuning Double Carburetor 310x165 Up to the lower plate weight savings with car stripping

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