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Change of the inside edge per side - tire calculator - tire circumference calculator!

[Update: 19.09.2023] This post was updatedto take more recent information into account. Which tires I can and may drive on my vehicle? A question that numerous tuners ask themselves every day. There are many reasons for changing to a different tire size. Be it the desire for individuality in tuning, the possibility of saving fuel through a lower rolling circumference or because you would like to continue using the old tires on the newly purchased car.

But be careful: If the rolling circumference changes by more than -2.5% or more than + 1,5%, there are usually no permission from the test center. Therefore, our tire calculator should help to find the correct rims and tires. A too great a difference appears in the display field RED displayed.

With the tuningblog tire calculator the difference between the new and old tires can be calculated and you receive important information that you should pay attention to when replacing rims and tires. The speedometer may show a maximum of 10% or +4 km / h more than the real speed driven and no km / h less. If there is a higher deviation, a Adjustment of the speedometer necessary, which is associated with additional workshop costs. The tuningblog tire calculator determines whether a speedometer adjustment is necessary with the desired tire.

Tire, rim and offset calculator

Values ​​like Rolling circumference, tire diameter, speed deviations, any necessary amendments in the ground clearance, Rim width or spacers you can easily calculate and find out which tires or rims work on your vehicle. There is also a practical, graphic representation.

- Calculate the speedometer deviation

If you mount a different tire size, that changes too Rolling circumference. Since the speedometer determines the speed of the vehicle via the wheel revolutions, a different wheel size can influence the speed display. So you should go for one bigger Change tires, the speedometer becomes one lower Show the speed when you are actually driving. Conversely, the speedometer shows at smaller tires then a faster pace. The speedometer must not exceed 10% +4 km / h show more than the really driven speed and no km / h Less. If the difference to the new wheel size is too great, it may be necessary to adjust the speedometer. - tire calculator - tire circumference calculator!

- Note ground clearance

Changing the tire size can also affect that ground clearance of the vehicle, which can become a safety and traffic risk. Since there are no legal requirements for minimum ground clearance, the decision is made at the end of the day tester. Most decisions, however, are based on the guideline values ​​of the TÜV, which state that a lowered vehicle with a driver and a full tank is an obstacle 800 mm wide and 110 mm high should be able to run over in the middle. You can find out whether a different tire changes the ground clearance of your vehicle in the tuning blog tire calculator. - tire calculator - tire circumference calculator!

Attention: a comparison of brands and models

Our tire calculator takes this into account notwhich vehicle model you own. It is also possible that the rolling circumference does not change significantly when changing to a different tire size. This can be the case, for example, if from narrow tires in combination with a large rim diameter wide tires is changed with a small rim diameter. The safest solution is to switch in the same rim diameter.

- Comparison only with approved tire size

A suitable alternative tire size can only be reliably calculated if your existing tire also has a tire size that is permissible for your vehicle. Otherwise, the alternative may end up being Do NOT spread pesto on this layer! fits the alternative on your vehicle. - tire calculator - tire circumference calculator!

- Beware of wrong tire sizes

The choice of correct tire size should not be taken lightly. If the tire is too big or too small, your vehicle can be damaged. If the tire reaches up to the wheel arch, it could be cut off / slashed. The sudden load would damage the rim and shock absorber to damage and you could lose control of your vehicle. So always be careful when choosing the right tire size and choose an alternative that fits. - tire calculator - tire circumference calculator!

Important information about our calculator!

When using our tire circumference calculator, always keep in mind the make and model of your vehicle disregarded stay. For example, it can be due to the size of the brake discs not possible replace a 215/40 R18 tire with a 18/175 R80 tire mounted on 13-inch rims. It is also the other way around no change possible. If in doubt, you should always seek professional advice in order to find a suitable alternative tire. - tire calculator - tire circumference calculator!

Calculate TyreStretch! | Step principle | How are you?

By the way: tuningblog has other options for Calculation of various things on-line. The following gallery provides an overview of all available computers:

Find the right size

When changing to a different tire size, many questions arise. Deviations in Rolling circumference can influence the speedometer and must therefore be viewed with caution. Tools like this can be used here Tire calculator, Tire circumference calculator, Tire size calculator, Rolling circumference calculator and the Rims tire calculator from tuningblog can be helpful. The tools calculate differences between old and new tires and provide information on necessary adjustments. Important factors are not only the speedometer adjustment, but also changes in the vehicle's ground clearance. If the difference in the rolling circumference is too large, it will be displayed in RED. However, the tire calculator does not take the vehicle model into account, which can be crucial when making your selection. If you are unsure, you should always seek professional advice. - tire calculator - tire circumference calculator!

The ultimate guide to the tire calculator

Anyone who has ever bought tires for their car knows how complicated choosing the right size can be. One can Tire calculator Work miracles! With our tire size and speed calculator You can easily check whether adjustments to the speedometer are necessary for your desired tires. The speedometer adjustment could cost between 150 and 200 EUR, especially for mechanical speedometers. It is important to note that the speedometer may show a margin of 7% to 10% too much, but not one km/h too little. The rolling circumference also varies depending on the tire manufacturer: it can be up to 1,5% more or 2,5% less. - tire calculator - tire circumference calculator!

Another point is this Load and speed index, which should definitely be taken into account. These indices, such as T = 190 km/h or Y = 300 km/h, indicate the maximum speeds for which the tire is approved. Drivers often wonder which tires they are allowed to drive or whether they are the right size. There are many reasons to change tire size, be it for tuning, a vehicle change or even to save fuel. Important: When changing a tire, the rolling circumference should not deviate from the original size by more than 1,5% or less than 2,5%. Otherwise the TÜV could cause problems. The Tire calculator helps eliminate such uncertainties. It not only calculates the rolling circumference, but also compares different tire sizes with each other. - tire calculator - tire circumference calculator!

Feel free to use other computers on the internet

But beware: Not all computers are the same and you should always look at the results critically. In the end, the TÜV has the final say on which tires can be used. In addition to size, there are other factors such as diameter, track width and wheel width that need to be taken into account. The tire calculator offers useful guidance here. In summary Our tire calculator is an invaluable tool when buying tires and rims. It brings many advantages. And best of all: it's free! - tire calculator - tire circumference calculator! - on the subject of cars, motorcycles, bikes / ATV / scooters & Co., and of course our passion, the Tuning, we keep you up to date and report daily on cool vehicles from all over the world. It's best to subscribe to ours Feed and you will be automatically informed as soon as there is a new post.