Financing - because tuning isn't cheap

As soon as you turn on the TV today, you are already showered with advertising from various loan providers, all of which lure with incredibly favorable conditions. In this jungle of offers you can quickly lose the overview, and therefore there is also a possibility for tuning fans to have their credit calculated for the next project and to keep the overview. Not every tuner is always fluid and some projects devour so much money that it often exceeds the car fan's budget. In order to be able to really fulfill every special automotive request, there is now a financial calculator (among other things for tuning projects), which receives a loan (also at leisure) who is optimally tailored to you and your project. You will find the most important information in the following article.

So the wish wheels are no problem

Of course, you will receive all the important key data that you need for the calculation of the loan in our credit calculator, and you can immediately apply for a loan on by simply filling out the online form that we provide on our blog , So you don’t have to wait for your new car to be fully wrapped in the future, and the three-part, sheen Chrome rims of Knives or Rotiform do not have to remain a pipe dream that cannot be financed.

You can of course also carry out the supreme discipline of tuning, the so-called engine swap, as there are no limits when it comes to vehicle tuning with a loan that is at your disposal. This means that you can win one or more trophies with your sweetheart at the next tuning meeting, as you no longer have to back down when it comes to the most unusual and coolest tuning ideas and the latest trends in the tuning scene.

If you don't have a car yet, or are considering a new project car, you can of course also use our loan calculator to calculate what your dream car will cost you for your tuning project each month. Of course, you can also use the money for a tuning fair like that SEMA in Las Vegas or the Tokyo Auto Salon to watch live, and maybe even import a few parts that fit your car but are not yet available in Germany. But you have to be careful, because they often have to go through a TÜV individual acceptance be removed.

the loan calculator and the functions:

  • After entering the most important data such as total and term, the rate, the APR and the loan term are displayed
  • You can enter your personal data (name, address, date of birth etc.) directly in the online form
  • you can choose the number of borrowers (1 or 2 people)
  • you can save the credit request and continue later
  • you can start a complete loan application directly (free of charge & without obligation)
  • Offers and services can be ordered using a newsletter

Now we have given you a brief overview of the loan calculator, and of course you have to decide for yourself which project you want to tackle next.

the free installment loan calculator follows

By the way: tuningblog has other options for Calculation of various things on-line. The following gallery provides an overview of all available computers:

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