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Pressure units PSI, BAR & Co .: this is how they are converted!

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Pressure units PSI, BAR & Co .: this is how they are converted!

[Update: 18.09.2023] This post was updatedto take more recent information into account. The maximum tire pressure is on many tires in PSI specified. But only very few people know what to do with it. But this value can be very simple converted into cash and vice versa. The bar value can be read on the tire inflation valve. There are also other dimensions for specifying the pressure, such as the air pressure. In everyday life, however, the unit bar is particularly common. She is on Compressors, High-pressure cleaners, Tubes etc. The unit psi however, is more common in Saxon countries used. This can cause confusion for some people. It is possible to convert both units into one another. We'll tell you how to do it bar to psi and psi to bar can convert. And with this calculator you can do this at any time, even without brain work.

Pressure units bar and psi

If the pressure tester uses a unit other than that specified on the tire, for example, must converted become. You can use a Conversion table help to determine the correct value. Both units are used very often. They can be found on many objects that are needed every day. Mixing up the units could have serious consequences. If 40-65 psi is on a tire, the pressure gauge displayed on your foot pump should be between 2,76 to 4,48 bar Show. Otherwise your tire could burst. If you know the conversion factor, the different units are no longer a big problem. If you need to convert a bar value into psi, simply multiply the value with 14,504th. The other way around you can use the psi value 0,069 multiply by the bar value to obtain.

  • 1 bar = 14,504 psi
  • 1 psi = 0,069 bar

Safety first: correct tire pressure is so important

It is of great importance to keep track of the correct tire pressure when it comes to the car, rims and tyres. Tire pressure is of crucial importance for safe and comfortable driving. Tire pressure is an important factor that drivers often underestimate. However, its importance quickly becomes clear when you consider that tires are the only connection between the vehicle and the road.
Incorrectly adjusted tire pressure can lead to an increased safety risk, impair handling, increase fuel consumption and shorten tire life. In this respect, a regular check of the tire pressure is of the utmost importance and should be carried out approximately once a week, depending on the age of the tyres.

Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) and manual check

With the TPMS offers among other things Mercedes a practical support for newer vehicles and rims - so also with Tires for the Mercedes W213. It ensures that the driver is always informed about the condition of the tires and thus protects against dangerous situations. The correct setting of the tire pressure plays an important role in the performance and safety of the vehicle, especially in connection with high-quality rims.
But despite the support provided by the TPMS, manual tire checks remain indispensable. This is the only way that a crack in the tire or damage to a wheel rim can be detected in good time before a dangerous accident occurs. Wear and tear or uneven signs of wear can also be detected and remedied at an early stage through regular inspections.

Information about printing and overprinting!

The measurement bar was from the average atmospheric pressure derived from the earth. For example, a bar means the air pressure at sea level. The pressure gauge of your compressed air compressor or your bicycle pump shows the pressure that above normal ambient air pressure goes out. For this reason it is also called Overpressure bezeichnet.

Pressure units PSI, BAR & Co .: this is how they are converted!

Will be a car tire with a pressure of 3 bar inflated, it is actually a pressure of 4 bar. That plays a role in a conversion save Role. With the unit psi or bar it does no differencewhether there is overpressure or absolute pressure. If the conversion takes place in the same technical context, the result is always correct according to the conversion factors as described above.

Torr (mmHg) & atmosphere (at, atm)

There are various historical reasons why a wide variety of units are used to determine pressure. Science and technology have continued to develop over the years. There are also some regional differences between the im Anglo-American area used imperial unity and the European System. Problems only arise when an old measuring instrument is used which uses a unit that is no longer in use. Problems can also arise when working with tables or instructions that have been created with the help of units customary abroad. The units can be used at any time be converted. The following pressure measurement units could also come across in everyday life:

  • Pascal (Pa): The unit Pascal is one SI unit. It is part of an internationally used, metric system of units. The unit is used in physical research activities and in physics. It can also be found in weather reports, for example. Here is from Hectopascals (hPa) the speech. This unit is a multiple of one hundred pascals. One pascal is the force of one newton that acts on one square meter.

Pressure units PSI, BAR & Co .: this is how they are converted!

  • bars (bars): The bar unit is also made from the SI unit system derived and is mainly used in technology and physics. The unit bar is also used to indicate pressure for tires, high-pressure cleaners or compressors. In the past there was often the unit millibar (mbar), which is a multiple of a thousandth of a bar. The unit was used on older barometers for weather reports. Converted, the SI unit corresponds to bar 105 Pascal.

Pressure units PSI, BAR & Co .: this is how they are converted!

  • Atmosphere (at, atm): The technical atmosphere (at) differs from that physical atmosphere (atm). Until 1978, both units were permitted for pressure information in Germany and were later carried out by Pascal replaced. It is used for the information in atmospheres in at and atü (atmospheric overpressure). Both units are almost the same 1 bar. The technical atmosphere is defined as the pressure that is caused by a 10 m high column of water or the pressure that is exerted by a kilopond of weight on a square centimeter. The physical atmosphere is guided by the pressure exerted by the weight of the atmosphere above sea level.

Pressure units PSI, BAR & Co .: this is how they are converted!

  • Torr (mmHg): torr was used in the medical field when blood pressure monitors still worked with the help of mercury in a glass tube. The unit was also called Millimeter mercury designated. It can still be used today to measure the pressure of various body fluids. Torr is the pressure one 1 millimeter high column of mercury caused.

Pressure units PSI, BAR & Co .: this is how they are converted!

psi – bar conversion table

psi bar psi bar psi bar
1 0,07 110 7,58 300 20,68
2,0 0,14 120 8,27 310 21,37
3,0 0,21 130 8,96 320 22,06
4,0 0,28 140 9,65 330 22,75
5,0 0,34 150 10,34 340 23,44
6,0 0,41 160 11,03 350 24,13
7,0 0,48 170 11,72 360 24,82
8,0 0,55 180 12,41 370 25,51
9,0 0,62 190 13.10 380 26,20
10 0,69 200 13,79 390 26,89
20 1,38 210 14,48 400 27,58
30 2,07 220 15,17 410 28,27
40 2,76 230 15,88 420 28,96
50 3,48 240 16,56 430 29,65
60 4,14 250 17,24 440 30,34
70 4,83 260 17,93 450 31,03
80 5,52 270 18,62 460 31,72
90 6,21 280 19,31 470 32,41
100 6,89 290 19,99 480 33,09

Pressure and units of measurement in everyday life

In everyday life, you can sometimes feel like you're under pressure - and not just in a figurative sense. Let's take the tires of our car or bicycle: the correct pressure information is crucial. In Europe you often hear about the unit of measurement “bar“when it comes to pressure. It's a bit like with Celsius and Fahrenheit – with us it's just cash. So it is the standard for many applications, from car tires to high-pressure cleaners. But if you travel to the USA, you encounter a completely different world: “psi“ is the usual unit here. And while the Americans at “psi“Immediately knowing how much pressure there is behind it, many Europeans initially scratch their heads. But don't panic, the conversion is easier than you think!

To stick with the example: If you've ever bought an American tire and then tried to inflate it with a European pump, you know the dilemma. The tire says “psi", the pump shows "bar“. But don't worry, a little math (or Google) can help. A bar equals about 14,5 psi – that’s the magic number. So the next time you're standing in front of a pump like this and don't know how much pressure you need: Simply convert, pump up, and drive off! And a little fun fact at the end: The unit “bar” comes from the atmospheric pressure that exists at sea level. But hey, that's another story. Happy pumping!

bar – psi conversion table

bar psi bar psi bar psi
0,1 1,45 3,0 43,51 10 145,04
0,5 7,25 3,1 44,96 20 290,08
1,0 14,50 3,2 46,41 30 435,11
1,1 15,94 3,3 47,86 40 580,15
1,2 17,40 3,4 49,31 50 725,19
1,3 18,85 3,5 50,76 60 870,23
1,4 20,31 3,6 52,21 70 1015,26
1,5 21,76 3,7 53,66 80 1160,30
1,6 23,21 3,8 55,11 90 1350,34
1,7 24,66 3,9 56,56 100 1450,38
1,8 26,11 4,0 58,02 110 1595,41
1,9 27,56 4,5 65,27 120 1790,45
2,0 29,01 5,0 72,52 130 1885,49
2,1 30,46 5,5 79,77 140 2030,53
2,2 31,91 6,0 87,02 150 2175,57
2,3 33,36 6,5 94,27 160 2320,60
2,4 34,81 7,0 101,53 170 2465,64
2,5 36,26 7,5 109 180 2610,68
2,6 37,71 8,0 116 190 2755,72
2,7 39,16 8,5 123 200 2900,75
2,8 40,61 9,0 131 210 3045,79
2,9 42,06 9,5 138 220 3190,83

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Pressure units PSI, BAR & Co .: this is how they are converted!

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Pressure units PSI, BAR & Co .: this is how they are converted!

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Pressure units PSI, BAR & Co .: this is how they are converted!

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