Illegal tuning on the e-bike and what penalties threaten!

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The following calculator can be used to calculate fines for offenses committed by bicycle!


Do you want an e-bike Tuneso that requires not much manual dexterity so that the motor also over the e-bike 25 km/h still cheering. But, especially because tuning e-bikes is so easy, the police are also paying more attention violations. The following case of a user who was caught by the police with his tuned e-bike shows what the consequences of such unauthorized tuning of an e-bike can be. But before we get into the case, a word about tuning. Anyone wondering how to tune an e-bike is by means of Software possible. Through the Handling of the software, which can be done simply by means of a Chips is possible as you would with Scooters or when Car knows, also works with an e-bike. There are even corresponding ones for this purpose Tuning kits for e-bikes from 50 euros upwards online.

illegal tuning on e-bikes

E bike tuning chip computer E1610287596544

But let's come back to the case mentioned. The e-bike in question, that tuned was, was by a married couple collectively used. But it was from the man tuned. Why? The couple stated that they were no longer the youngest and that they also wanted motor support above the usual 25 km / h. And to achieve that, a chip installed. As a result, the signal of the speedometer needle was halved, which ultimately leads to performance increase by 50 percent and made the drive usable above 25 km / h. From then on, the couple was quick 50 km/h on road.

E-bikes have long been in the sights of the police

The husband had to find out later that the police also check drivers of e-bikes. What he could not understand, after all, he was on the one hand not driven fast with his e-bike, he can also be with us no car been on the way. According to the owner, one of the police officers in the control said that he was consciously because of the e-bike has controlled. There, especially with people in an older age group, often manipulated e-bikes be used. And this presumption by the police is not wrong, that was also confirmed in this case. So the e-bike was secured and one Investigation of a Experts subjected. This could undoubtedly the illegal Tuning ascertain and also secured here Evidencelike that chip from the speedometer from E bike. The cost of the expert in the amount of 800 Euros the polluter usually has to pay. In addition, the prosecution throws the husband various Criminal act im context with his e-bike.

And what was the punishment for the couple?

To the prosecutor's office, the driver showed remorse and to avoid one Criminal trial, a penalty was agreed in Amount of 500 euros. By reaching an agreement with the public prosecutor's office, the driver was able to get the Court costs, but also the cost of the Experts save up. An agreement with the public prosecutor's office was ultimately only possible because of the driver in the previous years did not attract negative attention is. Had it been otherwise, it would have cost up to 2.000 Euros have to calculate. The chip is now of course from the e-bike remote!

Simple e-bike tuning is no problem!

The purchase of one Tuning Kit for a E bike from the internet is basically legally. Installation is also legal, provided the e-bike is then used will not in public traffic emotional. Because that is verboten. The background to the ban is that Speedthat can be achieved by tuning the e-bike. The e-bike loses its speed due to the speed Classification as a bicycle and becomes one motor vehicle. And just the classification as motor vehicle has several legal consequences. On the one hand, this creates a Compulsory insurance, but also that Vehicle must for the Operation in road traffic be admitted. That is not excluded, examples are here Speed ​​pedelecs, so-called Speed ​​pedelec to call. These are also coming without tuning at a speed of up to 45 kilometers an hour.

E bike tuning chip computer 1

S-Pedelecs therefore also apply not as a bike, but as Mopeds and are subject to one Insurance Cover. In addition, the driver is subject to one helmets are mandatory and he must have a driver's license AM class feature. And these requirements are probably one of the main reasons why e-bikes are popular tuned will. An e-bike with one Chiptuning meets the legal requirements will not, therefore it is due to the lack of a Car liability insurance also around a Offenses under the compulsory insurance law.

The consequences of unauthorized tuning

Manipulation on an e-bike to see is not particularly difficult. Besides the evidence of one chip, can expert, but also manufacturers, easily based on violations for example Charging cycles recognize or on Mileage. Because of the higher speed you have the tuned e-bike a higher one Battery consumption. In addition to the changes to the software in the context of tuning, there are also some unauthorized attachmentsas from one throttle. If a serious accident happens with such an e-bike, the bike will usually ensured and from one Experts checked. If a unauthorized tuning confirmed, then liable no insurance. Rather, the Consequences of the accident be carried by the driver himself. The driver must continue with a Fines (€) in the human body and facts about the Repair costs for the opposing one Accident damage calculate. Apart from that, there are also those criminal sidewhere because of the Driving without insurance cover in severe cases also Imprisonment from up to a year possible are.

E bike tuning accident

You risk your insurance coverage!

That one with the elimination of liability insurance coverage must reckon, that just became clear. But the Follow of a tuned e-bike are essential more far-reaching and also include the Health insurance. Especially when a rider is off a tuned e-bike injured and must be treated so can here no health insurance coverage consist. That means you have no entitlement to benefits his health insurance. This is made possible by the Paragraph 52 of the fifth social code. According to this paragraph, willful action the policyholder at the cost be involved. Has already been sick pay paid, this can be done by the health insurance company partially oder sogar whole reclaimed will.

Guarantee and wear and tear on the e-bike

What you should also take into account with a tuned e-bike is that Guarantee and the wear. After all, tuning the e-bike with a higher speed emotional. So it can too faster now wear come from individual components of the e-bike. This wear and tear doesn't just affect it financially off, but also on the traffic safety. Even with the manufacturer's guarantee, you will usually Problems to get. After all, you may have a defect here through the tuning self inflicted. Ultimately, you can hold onto a tuned e-bike is a risk in every way. If you use it on public roads you not only risk fines, you also sit down financial risks .

E Bike Riding E1610690104884

Of course that had not happened yet!

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