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In Europe it is no problemto be in another country with a car. The unit of measurement applies everywhere Kilometers per hour, short km / h. But that changes quickly when you get into the USA moves. The units of measurement for speed are not kilometers per hour, but rather miles per hour. But don't panic, you can get direct help on tuningblog. We have a calculator to convert the speeds.

The metric system is in the US and some other countries not been taken over. So far so good. But what does that mean exactly? The miles per hour often comes with "mph" on the signs. The abbreviations “mi” and “mi / h” can also be found. But it all means the same thing. It is the mile and in Europe they count in Kilometers. Now, as a driver in the USA, you face a problem if you want to drive on the highway. How do you convert that? There are three options for you here. You can do it convert in your head, they can calculator take help or use our Conversion tool and significantly reduce drag and effort.

This is the mile!

The international mile, which is mentioned again and again in films of American origin, corresponds exactly today 1,609344 kilometers. So you can say that "1 mph" exactly "1,609344 km / h" are. That is understandable if you know the number. This number has its origins in ancient Rome. "Mille Passus" was what the Romans called it, which resulted when you lined up five feet (29,64 cm) in a row and got 1,482 meters out. Further units were based on multiples of a minute of arc of the equator or meridian. These Arc minute was used to define a nautical mile ("nautical mile") in 1929 and corresponded to 1,852 kilometers. But the smaller mile, which has been in effect since 1959, resulted from the English Mile / Statute Mile. An object moving at 1 mph will travel a distance of that English mile or Statute Mile. The conventional mile was born, which we still encounter today.

Can't you just convert it?

Yes you can. A bit rough, but it works. Take the number that is shown on the mph signs and multiply it by the factor 1,6 of the kilometer. So you come up with a solid value that you can work with. 100 mph is about 160 km / h. The reverse is of course also true. If you want to go from kilometers to miles, you have to go by kilometers divide by 1,6, you already have the corresponding number. Our tool, which is embedded above, is more precise and not everyone is comfortable relying on their own arithmetic skills, as it is a bit inaccurate, especially in times of stress. With the tool, you know when you drove too fast and when you didn't.

Miles Per Hour Mph Kilometer Po Hour Kmh Calculator

You can of course use our tool CAN'T while driving. But if you are traveling in the USA, you will probably drive a car with a suitable speedometer anyway. Many European vehicles can also be found in the on-board menu mp / h or it can be a additional display to be activated. Also deliver mobile Navigation systems or Dashcams often a suitable advertisement.

Through the USA by car!

If you book a car on site, it usually has both units of measurement added to the speedometer, as Americans also know that Europeans use the metric system. The mph indication is often found on the outer circle of the speedometer, the km / h indication on the inside. But you will get used to the miles faster than you might think.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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