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The road tax is very important when considering the cost of a car. To calculate this will be Cubic capacity, vehicle type, drive and CO2 emissions used. To get a rough overview, the tax calculator offered by the Ministry of Finance is helpful. For newly registered vehicles with high fuel consumption The road tax increased in 2021. On the other hand, electric vehicles are from vehicle tax to Year 2025 exempt. For all vehicles that are already registered, changes are currently being made nothing.

Calculation of road tax

The ones to be used for the tax amount Assessment bases regulates the motor vehicle tax law. Vehicles that emit high levels of CO2 and pollutants are therefore accounted for higher taxes. Vehicles that are more environmentally friendly experience a tax Entlastung. Furthermore, apart from the engine capacity, the emission standard, i.e. belonging to a pollutant class as well as the CO2 emissions used.

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The Federal Ministry of Finance offers the possibility of the annual costs for the vehicle tax over a Vehicle tax calculator to determine. In the input mask at the beginning of our article are the type of vehicle, for example Motorcycle or car and the corresponding drive, that is Petrol or dieselspecified. Then the data for the CO2 value and displacement needed. These can be the Registration certificate in part 1 can be removed. Subsequently, the amount of the annual vehicle tax costs is calculated appropriate.

The CO2 value can and before inquiries about the purchase of a certain vehicle model from the dealer or the manufacturer's WLTP procedure in the brochures.

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In the case of current passenger cars with a gasoline engine, for every 100 cm³ cubic capacity or part thereof a basic amount of 2,00 Euros used for the calculation process. In the case of diesel vehicles, however, it is 9,50 euros per 100 cc. The CO2-dependent tax amount is still added.

The Mobile homes are for the Calculation of road tax the permissible weight and the emission classes decisive. The best emission class (S6) includes motorhomes that approved after September 1, 2018 were.

Effects of the measurement methods and climate protection

The measurement of emissions from new models has been carried out with the WLTP process determined. This procedure records the fuel consumption and CO2 emission values ​​more precisely than the previously used NEDC cycle. As a result, the road tax on new cars is often is higher. The 2030 climate protection program has meant that since 2021 newly registered vehicles with a high fuel consumption taxed higher become. However, there are no changes for already approved Cars.

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Special cases of tax calculation

The efforts of the federal government to consistently promote e-mobility ensure a Tax exemption for purely electrically powered cars. This also applies to electric cars that are between Approved for the first time in 2020 and 2025 were. Vehicles with Natural gas (CNG) or Autogas (LPG) often have the same basic amount as diesel and gasoline engines Tax benefits. The tax rates are due to the low CO2 emissions of alternative fuels much lower than the tax rates on diesel and gasoline. Depending on the type of handicap, people with physical disabilities are eligible for road tax 50 or 100 percent freed. However, this only applies to a Vehicle and must be requested.

Vehicle tax and tax return

A deduction of the vehicle tax is only Self employed possible. Will the corresponding vehicle be professional between 50 and 100 percent used, it concerns business expenses. Employees who use their private vehicle to get to work can claim the flat-rate distance allowance in their tax return as Advertising expenses drop. However, the flat rate only applies to working days and the one-way trip. If the vehicle is used for business trips, is the entire route to apply. This flat rate covers vehicle insurance, vehicle tax and vehicle repairs.

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Older cars, motorcycles, quads, and trikes

For cars that are in the period zwischen 05.11.2008 und 30.06.2009 had their first registration, the so-called "Cheaper regulation". They are taxed either with the cheaper vehicle tax variant “CO2 tax” or the “old cubic capacity tax”. In these cases, the tax office does the calculation automatically and the vehicle owner does not have to do anything. Vehicles that before November 05th, 11.2008 were first registered, the "old displacement tax" applies. Originally, the old stock was to be transferred to the CO2013 tax in 2. However, this has not happened to this day.

Car with Rotary piston / Wankel engine are taxed in the same way as vehicles with petrol engines. In this case, however, twice the nominal chamber volume counts as the displacement.

Three-wheeled and light four-wheeled vehicles Vehicles that require registration (vehicle class L7e and L5e) are subject to vehicle tax treated like a car. Because of the non-existent CO2 values ​​collected in secure, binding procedures, found no change on the tax assessments according to the cubic capacity and according to the carbon dioxide emissions on July 01.07.2009st, XNUMX. Accordingly, the calculation for these vehicles is still based on the Pollutant emissions and the engine capacity.

Motorized two-wheelers

The “old” tax system still applies here. This means that the vehicle tax for two-wheelers that require registration 1,84 euros per 25 cc is. Admission-free and thus, according to § 3 of the Motor Vehicle Tax Act, light motorcycles are tax-exempt, their nominal power maximum 11 kW amounts to. With an internal combustion engine, the displacement is allowed more than 50 cm³, however maximum 125 cm³ be. Small motorcycles may have a maximum speed of 45 km/h to reach. The paragraphs also include vehicles with an internal combustion engine with a maximum cubic capacity of 50 cc and vehicles with an electric motor whose rated continuous output is maximum 4 kW is.

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Actual cost of a car

Aside from the purchase price of a car, there is still additional coststhat should be considered before purchasing. The depreciation (can be calculated here) occupies the largest item here. However, they are too operating cost, Costs for Insurance (can be calculated here) and also not to neglect the vehicle tax. Likewise there are costs for new tyres (can be calculated here) or workshop visits to be taken into account.

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