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Alcohol limit! Drunk driving - drunkenness becomes expensive!

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The following calculator can be used to calculate approximate values ​​for alcohol content!


Who doesn't know the saying: "Nobody can refuse a glass of honor ...“For many drivers, a bottle of beer or a glass of wine in the evening, after work or while having a short chat in the tuning garage is quite normal. But that is not only extremely dangerous, but also really expensive if you get caught or, in the worst case, cause an accident. And that also applies to e-scooter drivers!

Why the alcohol limit?

Alcohol limit! Drunk driving - drunkenness becomes expensive!

Driving under the influence of alcohol not only endangers yourself, but also other road users. Accidents due to drunk driving have always been an issue and make a major contribution to traffic statistics. Every year there are thousands of accidents with personal injuries that can be attributed to proven misconduct on the part of drivers due to the influence of alcohol.

"Promille" - What is the meaning?

What does alcohol mean and how can you calculate the value? The term defines the alcohol content in the blood, which means that the ratio of alcohol to body fluid is determined. With a simple blood test, this value can be determined in a few minutes. The so-called Widmark formula is used for this. In addition to the amount of alcohol drunk and the amount of body fluid, it also takes into account body weight. The proportion of body fluid can therefore influence the blood alcohol level.

Drunk driving is the punishment!

Alcohol limit! Drunk driving - drunkenness becomes expensive!

Anyone who exceeds the value of 0,5 and is stopped is at risk of a fine with fines of at least 500 euros. Depending on the weight, this can quickly turn into 3.000 euros and there are up to three points in Flensburg. Also a driving ban of several months or a prison sentence (in case of driver flight, accident, injured / dead) can be pronounced. In some cases, the penalties can be even tougher if you try to outsmart the measuring device when checking breath alcohol.

  • 0,5 to 1,09 per mille is an administrative offense:
    - relative inability to drive
    - Sanctions depend on the number of offenses (first time, more often, etc.)
  • Per mille value of 0,3 may even result in a penalty:
    - noticeable driving style
    - Driving insecurity that leads to a hazard to road traffic
    - also depending on the previous number of offenses
    - Sanctions can include fines, max. 3 points in Flensburg, driving bans and even a prison sentence
  • Per mille value at least 1,1 per mille:
    - is considered to be absolutely unfit to drive
    - A criminal offense with much higher penalties than an administrative offense
    - significantly higher fines
    - Imprisonment is possible
    - withdrawal of the driver's license
    - eight to twelve month blocking period for re-issuance
    - The driver can lose his driving license for life

Traffic offense

Fine / points

Driving ban, MPU

First act: +0,5 per mille 500 euros / 2nd 1 month + MPU
Second act: +0,5 per mille 1.000 euros / 2nd 3 month + MPU
Third act: +0,5 per mille 1.500 euros / 3nd 3 month + MPU

the alcohol limit abroad

Alcohol limit! Drunk driving - drunkenness becomes expensive!

Strafe Alcohol limit Country
Fine / imprisonment 0,5 – 0,8 USA
min. 100 euros 0,0 Czechia
min. 545 euros 0,5 Switzerland
min. 145 euros 0,2 Poland
min. 300 euros 0,5 Austria
min. 325 euros 0,5 Netherlands
min. 145 euros 0,5 Luxembourg
min. 135 euros 0,5 France
Max. 1 month's salary 0,5 Denmark

Special rules for novice drivers?

Alcohol limit! Drunk driving - drunkenness becomes expensive!

Novice drivers and young drivers up to the age of 21 are not allowed to drink alcohol before driving. The alcohol limit here is 0,0. If it is exceeded, fines from 250 euros and points are due in Flensburg. This can also result in an extension of the trial period and the withdrawal of your license. If you then want to have your driver's license back, you must take part in a fee-based retraining / advanced seminar. If you are a repeat offender, there are three fines in Flensburg in addition to higher fines. If the journey under alcohol is linked to an accident and possibly even bodily harm, you can also face imprisonment.

Driving ban even without a license

As a cyclist you are not allowed to drive on the road while drunk. A penalty is imposed if the alcohol level exceeds 1,6. No matter whether the person in question has a driver's license or not. If you are in possession, there are even three points that could result in a fine and a driving ban as well as an order to the MPU. If the blood alcohol level is 0,3 per mille or more and expresses itself in behavior that is noticeable to driving, there is a criminal complaint. If you drive an e-bike, it depends on the maximum speed. The rules are identical to normal cyclists up to a maximum of 25 km / h; if you are faster, the 0,5 per mil limit applies.

When is an MPU due?

Alcohol limit! Drunk driving - drunkenness becomes expensive!

If you were caught with 1,6 per thousand or more, the medical-psychological examination (MPU) is almost always due. This is the only way to get the revoked driver's license back. If you are a repeat offender, the examination can also be ordered with lower alcohol levels.

What is an MPU?

The MPU is also known as the "idiot test" and consists of three parts. The medical examination, the performance and reaction test and the traffic psychological examination. The MPU is intended to minimize the risk of a repeat offense. If the three tests are passed, you can get your driving license back. But if you fail, another MPU must be carried out. Further costs are then preprogrammed.

Drunk driving and insurance?

If you build an accident under the influence of alcohol, it can happen that the insurance cover is lost in part or even completely. If you are partly responsible for the accident due to an increased alcohol level, a reduction in the percentage of costs is conceivable for the insurance company. If you have acted with gross negligence, the insurance company may generally not pay. Incidentally, this can be the case across a value of 1,1 per mille. Thus, you can be taken into recourse as the person who caused the accident, which can be extremely expensive.

At that time 1,5 per mille was allowed in Germany!

Almost everyone who drinks alcohol will notice. With alcohol, the inhibition threshold drops and the willingness to take risks increases. A bottle of beer is already noticeable and an alcohol level of 0,3 per mille can easily be reached. Concentration, responsiveness and eyesight decrease. The result is a higher risk of accidents. In 1953, the Federal Court of Justice set a limit of 1,5 per mille. A completely crazy value by today's standards. 20 years later (1973), the Federal Council lowered the permitted blood alcohol value to 0,8 per mille and also included a corresponding paragraph in the Road Traffic Act (StVG). Since then, drunk driving has been at least an offense or even a crime. However, since the accident rate remained high, the current alcohol limit of 1 was decided on May 1998, 0,5. Since then, drunk driving accidents have decreased.

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Alcohol limit! Drunk driving - drunkenness becomes expensive!

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Alcohol limit! Drunk driving - drunkenness becomes expensive!

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Alcohol limit! Drunk driving - drunkenness becomes expensive!

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