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Feared: The MPU (idiot test) and what needs to be considered!

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MPU Idiot Test Cost Questions Preparation Dreaded: The MPU (Idiot Test) and what needs to be considered!

People don't like to talk about it, but it's a fact! Every year, many car and motorcycle drivers have to compete at the so-called MPU. The Medical-psychological examination is also popularly called the "idiot test" and is necessary if the driver's license has been withdrawn in order to get it again. If you have to go to the MPU, you shouldn't be ashamed, but rather see the test as an opportunity for a fresh start in traffic. At the MPU, both the physical and psychological requirements for participating in road traffic are tested. However, among the thousands of MPU candidates each year, a very high percentage often fails the test due to small errors. Here you will find useful information about the procedure of the MPU, as well as tips about behavior during the exam. (info: new 1,1 per mille Judgment by the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig)

What is the MPU and how does it work?

MPU idiot test costs questions preparation 2 feared: the MPU (idiot test) and what needs to be considered!

A medical-psychological examination will only take place if you have committed serious offenses in road traffic. These include high alcohol levels or Drugs behind the wheel. But also the topic Speeding is a common reason for an MPU. From eight Flensburg points or a driving ban of at least six months, an MPU is usually ordered to determine the suitability of the driver for driving. By successfully passing the MPU, you can both regain your driver's license and completely delete your points in Flensburg. The MPU thus offers you the chance to restart after serious crimes. To participate in the MPU, however, high costs have to be taken into account. These depend on the offense and the effort of the examination. For example, regular blood tests for drivers who have become suspicious of alcohol increase the price. Usually you have to expect costs between 350 and 750 euros to participate in the MPU. However, this depends on the individual case.

now the first information from TÜV-Nord is free of charge

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After registration, the MPU consists of three parts that must be completed successfully. The components are divided into the physical examination and Conversation session for the determination of psychological suitability. The physical suitability is determined by a reaction test on the computer, as well as by a medical examination of the body. This can include blood tests for drug-related offenses. The interview lasts about 45 minutes and is intended to determine psychological suitability for driving a motor vehicle responsibly. During the conversation, an expert gets an insight into you and the problems that have led to your misconduct. The expert then manufactures Gutachten on. After you have completed all three components, you will usually find out on site whether you have passed the MPU.

Preparation and behavior tips for a successful MPU

The MPU is known by many for its sometimes high failure rate. Many MPU candidates only fail due to avoidable mistakes in the exam. With careful preparation, the chances of passing the MPU are usually good. Many positions, from TÜV to ADAC, offer free information appointments on the subject of MPU. There MPU candidates receive all important information about the course of the examination. Then you can prepare for the appointment alone or with the help of a consultant. For this, you should deal with your offense exactly so that you can reproduce and discuss exactly what is happening in the conversation. A look at your driver's license file is recommended, which you can see at the responsible driver's license office. Additional advice is possible for individual or group lessons. Depending on the duration, these meetings cost between 100 and 600 euros. Additional advice is not mandatory, but can have a positive impact on your assessment.

Honesty is paramount!

With an MPU, it is important that you have dealt with your crime in detail and have seen your mistakes. Finding blame in the course of the conversation or finding excuses are reasons that lead to failure for many MPU candidates. Instead, you can present solutions that prevent similar misconduct from occurring in traffic. During the conversation, it should be noted that you have seen your wrongdoing and will make serious changes in the future. So you can pass the MPU and dare a fresh start in traffic.

In summary the most important information about the MPU:

  • Reasons: 8 points reached, driving ban of at least 6 months, more than 1,6 per thousand blood alcohol, drugs, serious accident, etc.
  • Why an MPU: the test should determine whether you are suitable as a driver.
  • Cost: depending on the offense / effort between 350 and 750 euros.
  • professional preparation: Free information evening at TÜV, Dekra or ADAC with subsequent fee-based advice (consultation), group events
  • private preparation: deal with your own case, request a license file, try to analyze the date carefully, you should be familiar with all the details if asked about it
  • Preparation obligation: there is no obligation, but a visit can have a positive effect on the forecast, the blocking period can be reduced (Max. A 3-month driving license ban can be removed), MPU may not conduct consultants
  • Reasons for failure: lack of insight into misconduct, lack of seriousness, dishonesty, do not question the meaning of the MPU, do not try to convince with the knowledge of traffic rules, do not practice social criticism
  • What you should consider: of course on the tattoo and the mistake, remain credible, explain how you want to avoid similar problems in the future, explain your planned or existing strategy, for example to control your own consumption, try to deal with the situation itself
  • Process of the MPU: Discussion with experts / psychologist ► medical examination ► reaction test
    - several questionnaires have to be filled out (CV, drinking habits, drug use, etc.)
    - Reaction test on the computer (your physical abilities must be sufficient to be able to move a vehicle safely)
    - Medical examination (body check, possibly blood sample)
  • When is the result: Usually immediately after the MPU is completed.

PS. If a driving ban has been issued, then there is certain conditions the possibility of submitting a so-called pardon to court. There is more on this topic in the following article! Has the driver's license gone because of alcohol? and it was deliberately tried to trick the measuring device during the breath alcohol control? Then the penalty can be even more severe.

Driver's license driving license provisions dreaded law: the MPU (idiot test) and what needs to be observed!

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  1. Thanks for the article about the MPU. My uncle has had his driver's license revoked and will soon have to compete in the MPU. Since he is unsure and desperately wants to get his driver's license back, he will call an MPU advisor for help. Good to know to explain how to avoid similar problems in the future.

  2. Hello…
    Me ha servido mucho estos consejos. Pues debo hacer el MPU, pero lo haré de modo privado, ya que considero que estoy seguro y consciente de mis errores.
    Lo que no sé es si puedo aun manejar después de que me hayan devuelto mi Carné de Conducir, después de 3 meses de Prohibición., Antes de tomar el MPU.

    Thank you.

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