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MPU preparation can now be carried out free of charge!

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MPU preparation TUeV Nord free appointment From now on, MPU preparation can take place free of charge!

Has the driver's license been withdrawn? Then now is a preparation for that Medical-psychological examination (MPU)Also Idiot test called, online kostenfrei possible. MPU preparation is often considered to be particularly expensive. And unfortunately there are also many black sheep on the market who brazenly take advantage of the plight of those affected and demand a lot of money for dubious and often ineffective advice. However, professional and careful preparation for the MPU is of great importance! We already have that in our big one Information report on the MPU pointed out. And now there are even information seminars at TÜV-Nord kostenfrei possible.

free MPU info check

MPU Iditotentest Costs Questions Preparation MPU preparation can now take place free of charge!

The company offers a so-called online Info check on. During this event, participants have the opportunity to find out about the process and the content of the MPU on their smartphone, tablet or computer at home.

The following is explained:

  • What is the optimal preparation for the MPU?
  • What entry requirements, such as evidence of abstinence, are required?
  • How can I submit an application to shorten the embargo period?
  • How does the official process take place when it comes to the loss of license up to redistribution?
  • How is the process and the assessment of an MPU?

Important note: In most cases, however, the seminars provide no complete replacement for extensive preparation. MPU sufferers should simply an overview about the process of the MPU and the further aids and advice.

How the advice works:

MPU preparation TUeV Nord free of charge Date 2 MPU preparation can now take place free of charge!

  1. You register online at the desired date. You can call up your personal information. There are no costs.
  2. Experienced TÜV psychologists lead the seminars. They have been working as MPU assessors for many years and know exactly what is important in a medical-psychological examination.
  3. Participation is anonymous. Only the TÜV psychologist can be seen in the meeting. He takes the time to answer every question. Therefore, the number of participants is limited to ten people per online info meeting.

info: The free information event can currently (as of 10.2020) be attended without registration. The event lasts approx. 1 hour and there you will get to know an MPU expert personally. You can learn everything about the MPU and ask questions about the MPU. After that, preparation for the MPU can begin.

Driving without a driver's license Penalties Police 5 From now on, MPU preparation can take place free of charge!

Of course that had not happened yet!

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Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 MPU preparation can now be done free of charge!

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