Vehicle height can be adjusted variably: H&R threaded springs for the Mercedes C43 AMG models

Standard suspension too soft, coilover suspension too complex? The solution could be a finely tuned performance upgrade with H&R threaded springs. Despite the significantly more agile driving behavior achieved, the AMG standard dampers remain on board, while the adjustable vehicle height combines the best of both worlds. The result of the subtle vehicle lowering (approx. 15-35 mm at the front, 10-30 at the rear) makes the AMG appear even more sinewy. In terms of driving technology, reduced body movements and more direct steering behavior are on the plus side. Nevertheless, the comfort remains suitable for long journeys and the payload remains unchanged.

also Trak + wheel spacers

In addition, the H&R threaded springs can be installed for both the sedan and the T-model. Optional H&R Trak+ wheel spacers made of high-tensile aluminum promise the perfect wheelbase. Available in silver or black anodized, standard and accessory wheels can be aligned to the fender edges with millimeter precision. As is usual with H&R, all products are delivered with the required parts certificates and are Made in Germany! Further information can also be found on the H&R social media channels: Facebook  ➤Instagram  ➤Twitter  ➤YouTube.

  • H&R suspension components for Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG 4Matic
  • Sedan (type R2CW, W206) and T-model (type R2CS, S206)
  • from year 2022
    • thread springs
      • Item No .: 23032-1
      • Lowering: VA approx. 15-35 mm, HA approx. 10-30 mm
      • Price (RRP): EUR 881,78 incl. 19% VAT.
    • Trak+ wheel spacers silver or black anodized
      • Widening: from 6 mm (per axis)
      • Price (RRP): EUR 77,95 incl. 19% VAT.

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Vehicle height can be adjusted variably: H&R threaded springs for the Mercedes C43 AMG models
Photo credit/source: MR

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