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We at tuningblog.eu are a passionate team of car enthusiasts dedicated to the world of tuning and vehicle refinement. Since our foundation in 2013 by the owner Thomas Wachsmuth, we have developed into one of the largest and most well-known German-language blogs on the subject of cars, autotuning, motorcycles and mobility. Our goal is to provide you with the latest news, trends, test reports and articles on the subject of mobility and our passion for vehicle conversions, tuning parts and events from the scene every day.

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Our editorial team consists of freelance journalists who have many years of experience in the automotive and tuning industry. We pride ourselves on creating quality content that is both informative and entertaining. Our offer ranges from detailed vehicle presentations and tuning news to detailed guides and instructions for tuning enthusiasts who want to modify their cars themselves. The subject of tuning & law is also represented with its own section. Because tuning should always be legal and safe.

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With currently 29.273 blog posts in our archive, we offer an extensive knowledge base for everyone who is interested in the topic of autotuning. Whether you're an experienced tuner or just starting out in the world of tuning, we've got the information and inspiration you're looking for. With our unique tuning wiki, we have created one of the largest knowledge databases on the subject of tuning, which is expanded almost daily.

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We also attach great importance to interaction with our community. We want our readers to actively participate in discussions, share their opinions and experiences, and ask questions. Therefore, we cordially invite you to comment on our articles and to follow us on our many social media channels. As of April 04.2023 reached tuningblog.eu about 1,3 million readers per month and generates in the process approx. 1,9 million page views. We look forward to continuing to share our passion for mobility and especially autotuning with you and to exploring the fascinating world of vehicle refinement together. Visit tuningblog.eu regularly to stay up to date!

FAQs for tuningblog.eu

  1. Is tuningblog.eu a car workshop or a car magazine? Tuningblog.eu is none Auto Repair, but an online car magazine focused on car tuning and the automotive aftermarket industry. The platform offers news, information, tips and product reviews, but no direct tuning services.
  2. How do I find articles and information on tuningblog.eu? On the main page of tuningblog.eu you will find a large number of articles and news on various topics related to car tuning. Use the search function or the categories to search for specific information.
  3. Can I find instructions for tuning my car on tuningblog.eu? Yes, on tuningblog.eu there are regular instructions and tips for car tuning in the category Car repair & tuning guide published. Please note, however, that this information is of a general nature and cannot be tailored to specific car models. For individual instructions, it is advisable to contact a professional or a tuning workshop.
  4. Are there product reviews and recommendations on tuningblog.eu? Tuningblog.eu also offers product reviews, Reviews and recommendations of tuning parts and accessories. These can help you find the best products for your needs and budget. However, keep in mind that the authors share their personal opinion and experience and therefore the reviews can be subjective.
  5. Can I present my own tuning project on tuningblog.eu? Many readers of tuningblog.eu share their personal tuning projects in the self-made categoryto share their experiences and results with the community. To present your own project, get in touch with the editorial team and make sure you provide meaningful images and information.
  6. How can I contact tuningblog.eu? To contact the tuningblog.eu team, visit the Contact on the website. There you will find information on how to contact us via email or social media.
  7. Is tuningblog.eu free? Yes, the use of tuningblog.eu is free. The platform is funded by advertising, sponsored posts and affiliate programs.
  8. How can I stay up to date and receive news from tuningblog.eu? In order not to miss any news and articles from tuningblog.eu, subscribe to the Feed or follow the page on social media such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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  1. Hello
    Search for Porsche Macan rear spoiler molding on case lid carbon

  2. Dear ladies and gentlemen, gentlemen, I like your wide kit from the audi rs6, I have to tune in front of an ez 10/2008, 198 000km, from ABT to 700ps, how can we contact us to change parts, e.g. laser headlights in front, camera rear view mirror on the right , u. li. with screen inside, lowered 9cm, 21inch low-profile rims, bonnet with an evil eye, incisions bds. oval in the front fender with resin grille, gills on the front spoiler, front fender, side skirts wiring. thank you for your effort. Kind regards. lothar king

    • Hi Lothar,

      which Audi RS6 do you mean? Can you please send us the link? Please also note that we only act as a magazine and, apart from performance increases using a tuning box, we do not offer any other tuning parts.

      VG Thomas

  3. Good evening I have an S class W222 and would need a body kit and I really liked their reading with the air. Please make me an offer complete boddy kit
    thank you

    With kind regards,

  4. Hello Emre,

    we are just an online magazine. We recommend that you contact MEC Design, they have a lot on offer for the Mercedes S-Class.

    VG Tom from tuningblog

  5. Hello can you help me search the children cars with wide construction

  6. Hallo,

    I'm driving an Audi Convertible Bj. 97 I'm looking for new rims in 19 Customize the matching tires.
    Right now I drive 19 inches from Schmidt (cf line) 8,5 front and back.
    Can someone help me there??

    MfG Christian.

  7. Michael Merklinghaus


    I came across your site by accident while surfing the "www".
    Can only say
    How can I become a member of your community? Is it only possible via Twitter, Facebook, etc.? Do not use both!

    Kind regards Michael Merklinghaus

  8. Hola estoy interesado en algunos estilos sobré algunos diseños sobre cascos que ofrecéis en las revistas la verdad tenéis la dirección un poco apartada la dirección no podréis acercarme una dirección por España con los mismos diseños paraía de gran ayuda

  9. Koenig Solbach Luzia Maria

    can someone give me an address - where the new PANAMERA GRILL can be built into an MB S 6.3 CABRIO?

  10. I would like to tune my 2018 Lamborghini Huracan Lp610-4

  11. Hello I saw you have foiled many vehicles in the color, "blue matt chrome".
    I would very much like to have my vehicle wrapped in this color as well.
    Are there different “blue matt chrome” foils?
    Can you help me please.

    With kind regards,

  12. bonjour !! Je suis très curieux de savoir si je pourrais augmenter la hauteur au sol de mon vehicle Audi A5 sportback


  14. Hello,

    I would like to tune my Peugot. I came accros here and hoped to get more information about fullcartuning.com, but I can only see the tuners that start with the letter A on this website. Does anyone have experience with them? Or another idea for a good car tuning company?

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