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You are looking for the ultimate Fuel cost calculator / fuel price calculator / consumption calculator? We got him! When driving the vehicle, the fuel consumption is certainly not uninteresting. Many factors increase or decrease this, such as driving style, the right one Tire pressure or the ground. The manufacturer's information is usually not reliable, so it is all the more important that you check your fuel consumption regularly so as not to unnecessarily burden your wallet. Do you know the consumption of your vehicle? If not, take a quick look at your owner's manual and see where your car's fuel consumption is displayed. You can usually find this easily in the vehicle's on-board computer. Would you like to calculate consumption yourself? Then use our tool on the page "consumption calculator".

Fuel price calculator / petrol calculator

Distance [km]
Fuel consumption [l/100km]
Price / liter [€]
number of participants
Fuel costs
Running costs
Per person
total cost

The Fuel Cost Calculator This is suitable, for example, if any passengers want to contribute to the travel costs. With the simple tool it is possible to reduce fuel costs per person find out before starting the trip. You enter the expected distance into our tool and your estimated consumption for the entire route. Then the price per liter and the number of passengers. Then just click on “Calculate” and it will an approx value spent on the cost of the tour. With just a few clicks, you get rough information about the fuel costs for the upcoming route.

Lowest petrol prices - our area search

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With fuel prices rising, it is more important than ever to fill up more cheaply. Luckily there is now a helpful area search on tuningblog.eu, with which you can find the cheapest petrol prices in the area. Try this feature so that you don't have to refuel as expensively as before. The currently displayed prices are live (Diesel, Super, E10) and all federal states, all districts and almost all gas stations can be searched. Simply click on the price per liter and follow the instructions on the homepage.

Calculate consumption, compare prices and save fuel - one tool, many possibilities

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On our site you can:

  • Calculate your fuel costs.
  • Calculate travel costs per person if you are traveling with several people.
  • Learn how to be effective Save fuel can.
  • find cheap gas stations

You will also find the latest information and developments relating to the car industry and petrol prices on tuningblog.eu. Simply our category "Tips, products, information & Co" pursue.

Development of fuel prices and alternative drives

Alternative drives are becoming an ever-growing topic in society. That's why tuningblog.eu gives you the opportunity to get comprehensive information on this topic. Possible alternative fuels, functions or conversion measures pole, Autogas, Natural gas & Co. are just some of the information provided. It is best to use our for comprehensive information on a conversion Tuning Wiki. Simply enter the desired term in the following selection field. Alternatively there is HERE all our tuning wiki info posts.


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