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Cheating is easier than ever these days. The car history of a car is not always fully maintained or revealed in the sales talk. Sellers of a car keep silent about accidents, repairs, missed service appointments, the correct number of previous owners and manipulate the mileage with a laptop, OBD dongle and Co. This missing information leads to the fact that a car is often sold completely overpriced. The internet service provider carVertical now ensures that the entire vehicle history is revealed and thus all information about a car is available. This ensures transparency when buying a car and permanently saves thousands of euros that might otherwise have gone into repairs.

The carVertical company aims to create the first global and decentralized register of car histories. Maintenance-relevant data is collected, written to the blockchain and then published. The risk of information being manipulated, changed or forged is thus minimized. With this register, CarVertical creates transparency. Identical information is available for buyers and sellers and is used as the basis for price negotiations. To get the necessary information, only the vehicle identification number (VIN, chassis number) entered. The report with all follows.

Contents of the vehicle history report

CarVertical shows the complete history of the car. This includes activities in which the car was involved. The report shows when and where the vehicle was manufactured and in which country it was subsequently registered. Inspection details are also provided in the analysis. Another important part of the vehicle history is information about wanted people. If a vehicle has been reported stolen in a country, this is shown in the history. In this case, the police should be contacted first before buying the car.

Furthermore, information is provided on the function in which the car was used. If the vehicle acted as a taxi, driving school car or rental car, this sometimes significantly reduced the value. References to property rights are also relevant. A car that is subject to a leasing contract can only be sold if the bank has given its consent.

Another critical point in sales is the mileage. This is often fraudulently reduced in order to suggest less wear on the car and thus drive up the sales price. Installment payments, agreed mileage and services are linked to the mileage. To avoid higher costs, the mileage is often manipulated accordingly.

The vehicle history report reveals more information: Planned maintenance, damage entries, equipment lists and Photos. The history concludes with a checklist that indicates model-specific disadvantages and product recalls. If these disadvantages are not mentioned, there may be a safety risk for the driver of the car.

carVertical protects consumers from fraud

The internet service provider creates transparency when buying and selling cars. Global databases are connected with modern technologies such as blockchain. This combination provides reliable information about a car and its history. Manipulation of vehicles is minimized and sales prices are pushed down to a reasonable price. In the case of withheld information about safety-related damage or disadvantages, the analysis of carVertical leads to an increase in safety on the road. And the results of the report are reliable because they use official data. carVertical is therefore a good choice for getting information about the vehicle history of a vehicle.

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  1. says: Erwin summer

    Subject: WVWZZZAUZJW043224
    I had the above vehicle checked a few minutes ago. According to your report, the car is accident-free.
    Sadly, that is not correct. I am aware that the entire front apron with headlights and fog lights was replaced on the vehicle in around November 2018. Isn't that an accident with you? I got this information from the VW database. If only I had relied on your report. Then I would be at a disadvantage! For what have I now paid 23 EUR. I want my money back!

    Greetings Erwin Sommer

    1. says: Elias

      I was also unhappy with the report I received once, but I reached out to Carvertical Customer Service and they kindly agreed to issue a refund. On the other hand, the other report from Carvertical was informative. I guess it is not possible to collect absolutely all information about all cars.

  2. says: Theo

    20 euros, c'est la somme que j'ai dépensé pour avoir des faits et non pas des information.

    Des faits car ils n'ont aucune preuve de ce qu'ils avancent, aucune information concrété, aucune explication des différentes catégories d'inspection qu'ils abordent.
    Example: Ils annoncent un accident? Très bien mais impossible de thunder la zone touché sur le véhicule, impossible de thunder la condition exacte de l'accident, impossible de thunder les pièces changées ainsi que impossible de thunder des frais exacts pour les repairs.
    Ils osent vous dire "nos information viennent des assurances donc on ne peut pas vous fournir plus d'information" ah bon?
    Si comme vous le dites, vos information viennent bien des assurances vous dévirez être capable de répondre à mes questions énoncés plutôt non?
    Mais je dois surement être un consommateur aigri qui est exacerbé de voir une fourchette de réparation de 1000euros annoncé (cad: entre 500euros à 1500 euros. Cipher qui est complétement hypothétique dans ce cas de figure) alors qu'ils ne sont pas capable de thunder des information concrètes de ce "dit" accident.

    En conclusion, ils affirment des faits sans aucune informations concrètes, ils empilent leur compte-rendu comme n'importe qui pourrait le faire et ceux de la même façon qu'ils le font, c'est-à-dire, de façon aléatoire.

    HistoVec reste gratuit est bien plus fiable.

    Carvertincule au top!

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