Now the (overpriced) fine catalog 2021 is almost finished!

The following calculator can be used to calculate fines for offenses committed by car or truck!


It was to be expected. The prices for tickets are tough! Misconduct is getting really expensive now, but there is also good news: Contrary to all fears, the driver's license will be not moved in that often! This is the short summary of the reform of the STVO amendment. The transport ministers of the federal states, including our Federal Transport Minister Mr. Andreas Schauer (CSU), received the new penalties yesterday decided and the reform will likely be approved by the Federal Council by late summer.

Fine catalog 2021

  • Parking and stopping in the second row, unauthorized stopping on protective strips and parking on cycle paths and sidewalks will cost in the future 110 Euros.
  • Unauthorized parking in the parking lot for the severely disabled will be more expensive, instead of 35 euros 55 Euros due.
  • This is new: If you park a charging area for e-cars or car sharing vehicles, you have to go with it 55 Euros Fine will be expected.
  • On officially marked paths, e.g. B. Fire brigade driveways (including obstruction of rescue vehicles) may not be parked and whoever does so risks a fine of up to 100 Euros.

Cycle lane Germany parking penalty

  • The well-known parking ticket for wrong-way parking hits me with pride 55 Euros to book. In the past, you only had to pay up to 15 euros.
  • Not forming or even driving through an emergency lane now costs between 200 and 320 euros fine and on top of that, too one month driving ban. We think it's excellent!
  • Truck drivers who do not drive at the prescribed walking pace when turning right in built-up areas will be included 70 Euros asked to checkout
  • Anyone who uses sidewalks against the regulations and uses cycle paths and hard shoulders with their vehicle no longer only pays 25 euros, but instead 100 Euros Punishment!
  • Poser and cause of exhaust gas and noise and also unnecessary and annoying driving back and forth is now with up to 20 euros instead of XNUMX euros 100 Euros Punishment proven.
  • illegal parking in the rail space, up to 70 euros
  • The offense of "rail transport not given priority" is introduced (infringement 80 euros)
  • Fines doubled for incorrect turning maneuvers or breaches of duty of care when getting in or out (risk from turning maneuvers 1 month driving ban)
  • Improper use of sidewalks, cycle paths built on the left and hard shoulder by vehicles will be increased from up to 25 euros to up to 100 euros fine
  • new fines for stopping or parking violations on special bus lanes and in the bus stop area (from up to 35 euros to up to 100 euros)

Fast drivers can expect high penalties. Unfortunately there are, speeders and notorious high-speed drivers. But even this group should now have a well-filled savings account, there Over speeding future much harder (see list below).

Driver's license pink gray EU exchange

But there is still good news: How and before the reform, driving ban regulations with points and the withdrawal of the driver's license remain in place. First offenders must have a driver's license for a month submit when they urban from 31 km / h drove too fast, you only have to go outside the city limits if you exceed it seriously from 41 km / h Count on points and the dreaded driving ban. Repeat offenders (from 2 offenses within one year one is considered as such), already have from 26 km / h too much of (in place and outside) Driving bans and points to be expected.

The CSU politician and Minister of Transport Scheuer says: "It's about the money, but not the driver's license".

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"But for traffic hooligans, tougher penalties must be the result! We can speak of a major breakthrough and a fair compromise", Says Minister Scheuer. "In this way we strengthen road safety and hit the hooligans harder, the proportionality of fines without driving bans is preserved. In addition, weaker road users (cyclists, pedestrians) are protected and the work of rescue workers is made easier. Overall, more consideration is expected in road traffic."

He wants to work together instead of ruthless opposition! These new regulations are still in place not finally approved. However, the reform should be approved by the Federal Council by late summer and then come into force before the federal election.

By the way: The fines will often double for cars with trailers or vehicles that are heavier than 3,5 tons. And it will also be significantly more expensive for vehicles with dangerous goods and for passenger buses. The additional section "up to 15 km / h (longer than 5 min)". This is supposed to prevent the so-called "elephant races". And vehicles with trailers and vehicles over 3,5 tons will soon be 160 euros in town (previously 80) and 140 euros extra-urban (previously 70) due. And a maximum of 320 euros in urban areas and 240 euros outside urban areas are the new tariffs for the transport of dangerous goods and buses.

This is how much it will cost to drive too fast in urban areas in the future:

  • max. 10 km / h too fast: 30 euros (previously 15)
  • 11 to 15 km / h too fast: 50 euros (previously 30)
  • 16 to 20 km / h too fast: 70 euros (previously 35)
  • 21 to 25 km / h too fast: 115 euros (previously 80)
  • 26 to 30 km / h too fast: 180 euros (previously 100)
  • 31 to 40 km / h too fast: 260 euros (previously 160)
  • 41 to 50 km / h too fast: 400 euros (previously 200)
  • 51 to 60 km / h too fast: 560 euros (previously 280)
  • 61 to 70 km / h too fast: 700 euros (previously 480)
  • Over 70 km / h too fast: 800 euros (previously 680)

Any driving bans are natural not factored in.

Noise Blitzer Soundblitzer Tuningblog2

This is how much it will cost to drive too fast out of town in the future:

  • max. to 10 km / h too fast: 20 euros (previously 10)
  • 11 to 15 km / h too fast: 40 euros (previously 20)
  • 16 to 20 km / h too fast: 60 euros (previously 30)
  • 21 to 25 km / h too fast: 100 euros (previously 70)
  • 26 to 30 km / h too fast: 150 euros (previously 80)
  • 31 to 40 km / h too fast: 200 euros (previously 120)
  • 41 to 50 km / h too fast: 320 euros (previously 160)
  • 51 to 60 km / h too fast: 480 euros (previously 240)
  • 61 to 70 km / h too fast: 600 euros (previously 440)
  • Over 70 km / h too fast: 700 euros (previously 600)

Any driving bans are natural not factored in.

Fines notice speed camera objection 3

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