Motorhome and driver's license: this is important to note!

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Airstream Bambi Trailer Model 2021 Camping Motorhome 4 Motorhome and driver's license: what you need to consider!

Unfortunately it is currently for camping enthusiasts made really difficult. Because due to the pandemic, most of the campsites are up to date closed. This is one thing that annoys campers, because none of this is understandable for a long time. In a motorhome, it is very easy to travel in times of pandemic, namely with compliance with all rules! It cannot be compared with the typical holiday destinations that you go to by plane, train or ship. Here alone you meet thousands of people. But we are confident that the campsites will definitely open again soon. So if you want to travel in the future and don't have your own camper van, you have to find a replacement.

Motorhome and driver's license

At the moment everything is completely booked out, especially during the holiday season Partially and fully integrated vehicles up to 3,5 tons. These are in great demand because they come with normal car driver's license are to be guided and offer a lot of space. It used to be even easier because drivers still have one "Old driver's license" campers were allowed to have up to 7,5 tons to steer.

Coach driver's license, truck, motorcycle, motorhome and driver's license: this must be observed!

You had more leeway! Unfortunately, many have none of this, because those who have their driver's license after December 31.12.1998, XNUMX have made, should only the 3,5 tons to steer. At first that sounds like a lot, but 3,5 tons are reached quickly. After all, it's about moving holiday homes that you move. There is a toilet, a shower, several beds and a real kitchen. Then there is that Weight of the vehicle in the human body and facts about the Inmates.

often a higher driver's license is required

So much comes together that vacation dreams could even burst. With driver's license Class B in a 7,7 ton camper one drives without the right license, you have to be aware of that. Most rental companies will of course check this in advance and only give out suitable vehicles. Because often you don't even think about the fact that the fal driving license class to own. At the Purchase of a motorhome, however, it will should not respected.

What is important is the maximum total weight entered

Even if the real weight under the 3.500 kilograms lies, you get no Free ticket for this excursion. It all depends on what it is registered maximum total weight states, with regard to the classification of the vehicle classes.

There are the following camping classes:

  • light motorhomes: Total weight 3,5 tons. Please make sure that motorhomes that before 1999 have been built, like to cross this limit.
Challenger Combo X150 Fiat Ducato 5 1 Motorhome and driver's license: what you need to consider!
maximum weight: 3,5 tons, class B
  • heavy motorhomes: With these there is a lot of space on board and it can be properly loaded
Hymer motorhomes Motorhome and driver's license: this must be observed!
Maximum weight: up to 7,5 tons, class C1 or the old class 3
  • Truck as a mobile home: Here you are in the league of expedition vehicles, they are converted touring buses or luxury mobile homes, including a garage for cars on board
Expedition truck MD56c MAN TGS 6x6 1 camper and driver's license: what you need to consider!
maximum weight: 40 tons, class C.
  • Caravan: If these are particularly difficult, you need additional training
Airstream Bambi Trailer Model 2021 Camping Motorhome 1 Motorhome and driver's license: what you need to consider!
Maximum weight: trailers up to 3,7 tons or trains up to 4,25 tons. Driving license class BE (trailer with 3,5 tons) or B96 (train from car + trailer = 4,25 tons)

Attention: Being overweight and being overweight in general are expensive! You should definitely pay attention to the weight of the travel accessories. If the motorhome is overloaded, this will be punished. It starts at 10 euros for 5% overweight. At 30 percent it will be overcharged 235 euros fine and one point in Flensburg due. Fortunately, however, it can be mentioned at this point that with overloading over 3,5 tons still no driving without a license is present. The overload changed should not the vehicle class.

In the event of serious problems, the team must be weighed!

  • The penalties for overloading are not easy, in Germany the following applies: 235 euros plus one point.
  • In Great Britain this is handled much more strictly, the maximum penalty here is around 6000 Euros. You should be very disciplined when packing.

If you can't judge that well, you should go to the Libra drive, for example on a Junkyard, a haulage company or a Flour mill. So you can get an overview of the current weight at any time for 5 euros in the coffee box.

At the end... The driver's license is important, it means freedom. It is clear that with each vehicle class the possibilities increase (but also more expensive) become. Well worth the high cost of one additional training? It all depends on what you intend to do with the topic of "Vacation and Camping". After all, you can drive almost anything with a truck driver's license, and that's great!

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