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Brussels: no final combustion ban after all?

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Exhaust gas measurement shut-off device exhaust smoke e1608449811709 Brussels: No final combustion ban after all?

The automotive industry is relieved, the combustion engine ban appears in Brussels to be off the table. As President of the Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), Hildegard Müller says about the currently published recommendation for emissions regulations: "The submitted plans for the new Euro 7 standard for cars show that the EU Commission accepts the limits of what is technically feasible. And away from unreachable goals has passed.“This is both for the citizens of Europe and for environmental protection a good sign. Müller further demands: "We also need to supply with E-fuels, synthetic fuels from renewable energy sources. It is not the engine that is a problem for the climate, but the fossil fuel."

The background!

The VDA declared the plans previously submitted to the EU Commission to be technical unworkable. This was confirmed in the AGVES meeting. (AGVES stands for Advisory Group on Vehicle Emission Standards) The one planned by Brussels Burners ban should be off the table. The EU planned to convert the measurement system to all times during use, without exception. That would have meant that starting up on a hill with a trailer should be done with the same emission values ​​as driving comfortably on a country road. That is simply not feasible and absurd and should have a ban on the internal combustion engine means.

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With the EU proposal, the new, clean generation of cars would not have come onto the market and, as an alternative, older cars would have been driven longer. "The previous EU proposal would have set us back years in terms of climate protection", Says Hildegard Müller.

The alternative is challenging but feasible

The new design is a technically very demanding path. Compared to Euro 6, the new proposals are to reduce pollutant emissions by the factor five to ten sharper. So they are still there at the limit of what is technologically possible. However, the EU Commission has confirmed that there will be a ban on the combustion engine in Brussels is not the goal. Müller warns: "We will remind the EU Commission of this commitment when drafting the proposals. The most modern current cars on the market are already falling below this now the current limit values ​​of the Euro-6d standard many times over. The Euro 7 standard should therefore become an achievable further development of the Euro 6 standard."

E Fuel Synthetic fuel 2 Brussels: No final combustion ban after all?

With the new EU proposal, the possibility is given that the new, cleaner generation of cars can come onto the market. Müller further explains: "We must now also promote the supply of e-fuels, synthetic fuels from renewable energy sources.“So the cleanest could soon be Petrol and diesel engines hit the market that ever existed. Europe is entering due to the electromobility offensive, the upcoming Euro 7 standard and the expansion of e-fuels international role model from.

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