Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Thomas Wachsmuth

Thomas Wachsmuth - He has been an integral part of tuningblog.eu since 2013. His passion for cars is so intense that he invests every available penny in them. While he dreams of a BMW E31 850CSI and a Hennessey 6x6 Ford F-150, he currently drives a rather inconspicuous BMW 540i (G31/LCI). His collection of books, magazines and brochures on the subject of car tuning has now reached such proportions that he himself has become a walking reference work for the tuning scene.  More about Thomas

Rolls-Royce Ghost, Phantom & Specter as 'Spirit of Expression'!

Rolls-Royce is currently introducing a new dimension of luxury with the introduction of the special “Spirit of Expression” collection, which includes three individual models: the Ghost Extended, the Phantom Extended and the Spectre. The elegant luxury liners were created in the new creative workshop, ...

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