Does the future of diesel engines come from China?

The Chinese company Weichai Power recently announced a real breakthrough in engine technology. Their latest diesel supposedly achieves one Efficiency of 53,09 percent and thus sets a world record. The progress is not just a small masterpiece, but could also be economic and ecological advantages entail. For comparison: While common gasoline engines only achieve an efficiency of around 37 percent and current diesel engines reach around 42 percent, the new one significantly exceeds the figures. The Optimization of combustion as well as the Reduction of friction in the drive play a role. The development work was carried out through the grant of 176 patents for inventions and 68 utility model patents supported, which shows that intensive research and development work has been carried out.

Miracle diesel engine from China?

And the validation of the key data by the TÜV SÜD North Asia gives additional weight to the information. And one thing still makes you sit up and take notice. Namely the potential for Reduction of emissions. If such engines were used across the board in China, around 31 million tons of fuel saved and CO₂ emissions reduced 97 million tons be reduced. For use in trucks, this means a saving of around 12.000 liters of diesel per year and vehicle, which corresponds to a saving of around EUR 20.000 at current prices in Germany. Despite the increase in efficiency, the Use of diesel but still from mineral sources not climate neutral. But Weichai's improvements could play a role in the discussion Future and sustainability of diesel engines play.

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