Ram trucks

Since 2009 the well-known Dodge Ram (and all other Dodge trucks) no longer exist! Since then, the vehicles have been sold under the “Ram Trucks” or “Ram” brand for short. The new brand was introduced in 2009 by automaker Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and it originated from the model name of the Dodge Ram. It was Dodge's best-known commercial vehicle model to date. The realignment of the brands after the merger of Chrysler with the Fiat group is supposed to start immediately Dodge to become a pure car brand. And since then, Ram Trucks should only concentrate on the needs of “real truck customers” and not on those interested in buying a Dodge Ram as a status symbol. Since then, the experience that Fiat has gained with its own truck production under the Iveco brand and the split-off Fiat Professional has also been incorporated. The result should deliver significantly better results that bring the Ram Trucks brand forward in terms of design, technology and sales.

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