Car manufacturer Dodge was founded by Auburn Hills of Michigan in the United States of America. He is an American car brand of Fiat Chrylser Autombiles NV based in the Netherlands. Commercial success had Dodge (then Dodge Brothers Motor Vehicle Company) with their first models, which made the famous Ford T-model competition. For example, they replaced the hand crank as a starter technology with an electric starter. Over the decades, Dodge has been able to assert itself time and time again on the market with well-liked mid-range cars. Models like Charger, Challenger and Caravan are the classics of the company's history. In the early 1990er years began the success of the Dodge Viper, The ongoing success story of Dodge RAM began even in the early days of the 1980, making it one of the best-selling pick-ups in the world. In particular, however, the sporting models of the manufacturer in the car tuning scene have high priority and great potential for optical and performance tuning.