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In this category you will find everything about the legality of tuning on the car and the effects if something was illegal. Our section Test sites, laws, offenses, information pillories the dubious tuning companies and their products. However, problems ex works on series vehicles are also repeatedly addressed here. We provide you with information about the actions of the police and show you curiously tuned vehicles that are often on the spot by law enforcement officers shut down were. What is the opinion of TÜV, KÜS, Dekra & Co. about the tuning part from China? We take up this problem again and again. In this category you will find out everything that has always interested you about the legal situation with regard to vehicles and vehicle tuning. With our hints and tips it is much easier legal Renovation. There are always new products on the market and we keep inquiring about the legality of the parts. Even a rear carrier, a roof box or a car paint can be illegal. We'll tell you what to look for so that your car becomes a sporty speedster that remains legal at the same time. You can find all this and much more in our category Test sites, laws, offenses, information through our Law wiki has been expanded especially!

Roller Tuning - Interesting facts about upper performance limits, operating permits and insurance protection

Scooter Tuning Scooter Tuning 310x165 Scooter Tuning - Useful information about performance limits, operating license and insurance protection

As with cars, performance-enhancing tuning also promises more driving fun with scooters. However, scooter owners have to consider a few things so that the increase in speed does not have a negative impact on the traffic offenders record and insurance coverage. Otherwise there is a risk of heavy fines, driving license revocation and costly claims for damages. Elementals ...

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Dispute over catalog of fines: No agreement in the mediation meeting!

Notice of fine speed camera fee Objection 310x165 Dispute over catalog of fines: No agreement in the mediation meeting!

The dispute over the catalog of fines is escalating - despite the mediation discussion, no agreement is in sight! According to a report by the German Press Agency, the renewed mediation conversation between Federal Transport Minister Scheuer and his country colleagues about possible changes to the catalog of fines is said to have ended unsuccessfully. ...

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