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Oldtimer short report: Safe, profitable and also good?

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Continuation Car 2020 Aston Martin DB5 Goldfinger 2 Oldtimer Brief Report: Safe, Profitable and Good?

Basically, you pay around 150 euros for a classic car report (short evaluation). The only question is, what does such an assessment in short form bring us at all and why one should not immediately resort to the detailed report. The question also arises in which cases a so-called short report is sufficient. We can give you the following:

Services of a short report

Oldtimer full report §23 stvzo lift e1593500356295 Oldtimer short report: Safe, profitable and also good?

The evaluation consists of a competent expert assessing the condition of the selected classic car from the outside. At best, they give him all the key data and deficiencies in advance, which makes the work easier and faster. On the basis of the key data, the defects and the assessment, the expert then gives the car a Condition grade and appreciate the value. You will of course receive a valid certificate from the latter.

Brief assessment vs. Full report

Classic car valuation classic Classic short report: Safe, profitable and also good?

The most striking difference is of course the scope! The short evaluation as a slimmed down version of the detailed expert opinion to see for classic cars. A detailed report is much more extensive and time-consuming, but also more expensive. The scope relates to the assessment, which is carried out from the outside and from the inside, an exclusive inspection trip, a very detailed assessment of the condition, where pictures are included, a reason for the vehicle value and the final grade. The price: While you usually pay over 350 euros for a detailed assessment, you get away with a short report with just under 150 euros. The prices can vary for both. However, they serve as an approximate guide.

Where is the car examined?

In the short version, you have to take your vehicle to the expert in a corresponding test center so that the vehicle inspects the vehicle. In the case of a detailed assessment, on the other hand, the appraiser comes to the place of choice if necessary and examines the vehicle there. A workshop with a lift is preferred here, of course, in order to be able to carry out a proper inspection under the vehicle. But what is a short classic car report sufficient for and when does a detailed assessment make more sense? In return for a short report, the detailed evaluation is useful if you want to sell or buy a classic car or if you have special requests such as: B. wants to know the special recovery value. A brief report, on the other hand, is recommended if you only assume that the condition has changed or a new classic car insurance for the motor vehicle is to be taken out. Many insurance companies only require a brief report up to a certain vehicle value and the customer can save money. Incidentally, this value is around 80.000 euros.

the issue of insurance is important

Oldtimer short appraisal short valuation Oldtimer short appraisal: Safe, profitable and also good?

The topic of insurance plays a major role for a classic car owner and can also be related to the report. If you want to insure the vehicle, the insurance company first needs to assess the risk of the vehicle to be insured. This risk is based on the housing, the condition and the defects of the vehicle. A detailed report for proper insurance is only required here if the vehicle exceeds the 80.000 euro limit as mentioned above.

summarizing the most important information:

  • Cost: approx. 150 euros
  • cheaper than a full report
  • Brief report or short assessment includes an examination by an expert with regard to the condition of the classic car from the outside with a status note
  • Basic data, defects, etc. should be specified in advance
  • Certificate will be issued after the exam
  • Vintage cars usually have to be transported to an expert themselves
  • the brief report does not include a review trip and no justification for the grade and vehicle value
  • the short report is not used to determine the restoration value of the classic car
  • the short report is recommended to get a hint of a change in the condition grade or the vehicle value since the last detailed assessment
  • the short report is recommended to be able to take out a classic car insurance
  • up to a vehicle value of approx. 80.000 euros, a short classic car report is often sufficient for the insurance
  • PS: These optimizations can be carried out on the classic car without endangering the H license plate.  (There is a lot of information on the subject of H license plates in our special)

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Classic car valuation classic Classic short report: Safe, profitable and also good?

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  1. My grandpa owns a classic car. It is helpful to find out that a serious appraisal usually costs 150 euros. I hope that he will find a suitable appraiser.

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