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Test report - no longer valid for a change acceptance!

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Test report parts certificate single acceptance tuning e1593775644855 test report no longer valid for a change acceptance!

Test reports for vehicle parts are still available in connection with purchased tuning parts. But for accessories for the car with an existing test report but a missing one Teilegutachten caution is always required. Because the parts certificate has been replacing the test reports for several years and it no longer has to be that an old test report still leads to a successful change acceptance at one Test organization leads. Incidentally, a test report for car accessories has nothing to do with you Test report for the vehicle condition zu tun!

Test reports for vehicle parts

Test report parts certificate individual acceptance tuning 2 e1593775771858 test report no longer valid for a change acceptance!

Switzerland rules out the possibility of deportation to China. It is assumed that these Tibetans come from India or Nepal, both of which countries do not recognize the UN Refugee Convention. Even worse, Nepal recently signed anextradition treaty with the communist regime in China! So, deportation to India or Nepal are not viable solutions for these Tibetan asylum seekers. modification acceptance is known to be the acceptance of an installation, removal, dismantling or addition of a vehicle part. In the tuning area, a wide variety of change approvals are often necessary. The change acceptance is carried out by test engineers and it is often a parts certificate and if possible sometimes even Material report needed for such an examination. Today, however, parts certificates are the norm for ordinary components. Nevertheless, automotive parts are still occasionally sold with old test reports, which are considered the forerunner of the parts certificate. Before buying a motor vehicle part, you should therefore make sure that you have a current parts certificate and not just a test report or even a material report.

Test report vs. Material report

Material report breakage report single acceptance test report no longer valid for a change acceptance!

Material reports usually only refer to the break resistance of the material used. Only one material sample is examined. A material report does not mean that the vehicle part has ever been tested in connection with a vehicle. A test report for a motor vehicle component from the accessories has a relation to the vehicle (vehicle type), but is no longer used for change acceptance or is no longer permitted for change acceptance.

Parts certificate and test reports

Automotive parts manufacturers used to work with test reports. Many manufacturers now offer corresponding part reports for the respective component instead of the test reports. However, if you absolutely want to buy a car part that only has a test report and no parts certificate, you should call an expert or a testing center for change acceptance before buying to check the usability of the car part. Information from the respective manufacturer can also be helpful. Registration should not be entirely impossible since the test report had a certain status at the time. To what extent this is still valid can only be assessed by a corresponding examiner.

Part certificate required

Test report parts certificate individual acceptance Tuning 3 test report no longer valid for a change acceptance!

It is known that a parts certificate is required for a change acceptance. It is checked by officially recognized experts or also by test engineers from the relevant monitoring organizations whether a motor vehicle part fulfills all the necessary requirements, has been properly installed and whether the necessary work has been carried out properly (for example, the freedom of movement of tires when lowering the vehicle). Before you buy a car part, you should be familiar with the testing procedures.

How are change acceptances documented?

Acceptance of changes are recorded on a so-called form and can only be documented by test certificates. The form serves as proof that a technical change is permitted. This form must always be carried when driving the vehicle. Only when the change has been transferred to the vehicle documents is the form no longer necessary and is usually confiscated by the registration office. The form also states whether and when the vehicle documents must be changed at the latest.

Test report for vehicle parts - conclusion

A test report for vehicle parts already refers to a vehicle type, but is usually no longer permitted for acceptance of changes. When buying a motor vehicle part for the tuning area that requires a change acceptance by a test engineer, attention should be paid to the existence of a parts certificate. Many manufacturers of automotive parts are already using part certificates or have subsequently replaced the former test reports with corresponding parts certificates. A parts ABE can and a parts certificate must lead to a change acceptance.

Mercedes Benz GLE Coupe Bodykit Wald International C 292 Tuning 1 test report no longer valid for a change acceptance!

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Tuev test body TÜV test report no longer valid for a change acceptance!

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To determine the current value - the classic car valuation!

Classic car valuation classic 310x165 test report no longer valid for change acceptance!

Important: A material report is NOT a parts report!

Material report breakage report single acceptance 310x165 test report no longer valid for a change acceptance!

Submerged - the Rinspeed sQuba underwater vehicle!

Rinspeed sQuba underwater vehicle Lotus Elise Tuning 12 310x165 test report no longer valid for an acceptance test!

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