Car modified? When is the change acceptance required?

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In the case of some subsequent structural changes to the car, the change acceptance by an inspector is mandatory. Classics that make such an acceptance necessary include lowering, chip tuning, the use of sports exhaust systems and special wheels, the fitting of spoilers or a trailer coupling, sometimes the foiling of the windows, the use of other headlights, etc. The test ensures that The operating license is retained if the parts have been properly installed.

Legal basis for the change acceptance

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The legal bases are in the FZV (Vehicle Registration Regulation). The changes are noted in the vehicle documents. The vehicle owner must for the change acceptance test certificates like ABE and ABG (Parts approvals of the manufacturers) and submit the parts report of the accredited technical service (TÜV, GTÜ, DEKRA, KÜS etc.). Immediate implementation of the change acceptance is required by law after the tuning. There are certain changes that have already been approved in national vehicle ABE or in EC type approvals. EC and UN / ECE approvals may also demonstrate the correctness of the technical change for certain parts of the vehicle. If such certificates are not available or no change has been accepted, the operating permit for the vehicle will be canceled. Also the execution of the change acceptance by an aaS (officially recognized expert) is required by law.

Some examples of the need for change acceptance

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The classic of ground clearance after a lowering is contrary to popular belief not defined in centimeters in the StVZO. Rather, there are general requirements that the § 30 StVZO (general construction and operating regulations). These require, among other things, that the vehicle and traffic facilities when driving over potholes, bumps, Prüfgruben, lifts or lowered curbs may not be damaged. The lack of legal requirements replace expert committees with guideline values, which are set out in the VdTÜV Leaflet 751 are listed. Accordingly, the lowered vehicle with a driver and a full fuel tank should still be able to drive over an obstacle 80 mm high and 800 mm wide without contact. However, since the legal basis is missing, deviations are justified in justified individual cases.

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The driver would be liable for any damage. With the popular Chiptuning is to pay attention to quality. The exhaust emissions must then comply with the legal standards, the brake system must withstand the higher performance. In the area of ​​additional lights, conversions are prohibited, which lead to confusing signal images, especially at night. They apply to the HU as EM (considerable lack), the vehicle does not receive a test sticker. Therefore, drivers should consult before such modifications and then have the change acceptance carried out. When it comes to lighting, among other things, illuminated company signs, yellow, forward-looking lights or reflectors, illuminated "Michelin Man"Name tags / symbols or spotlights with blue or other colored light that shine with surrounding light. Everything is not allowed! If a change acceptance was successful, you get one Form, which confirms the legality of public road use and road safety from the vehicle.

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