Important: A material report is NOT a parts report!

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Material report Fraction report Individual acceptance Important: A material report is NOT a parts report!

Did you know that the material report and that Teilegutachten assess different areas? A material report assesses the material properties and determines the fracture behavior of the material. A parts certificate, on the other hand, is used for a change acceptance. In the following, the topic of material appraisal is discussed in more detail and the difference to the parts appraisal is explained in more detail.

Material report - what is it?

1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse Rear Spoiler Important: A material report is NOT a parts report!

The material report provides information about the fracture behavior of a material or a material sample. If, for example, a tuner purchases a new vehicle part and the seller advertises it with a material report, then this is not a test certificate for a general acceptance of changes, but only says something about the material of the vehicle part. So don't let the clue tell you Material report deceive that many providers deliberately present it as if it were suitable for quick acceptance by an examination organization. If you advertise the material report particularly intensively in the accessories area for motor vehicles and otherwise do not provide any other information regarding the ability to be entered, you will normally not have any corresponding expert reports ready for acceptance for the component.

Material report vs. Parts certificate - the difference!

tuning certificate part certificate TÜV Chiptuning Important: A material certificate is NOT a parts certificate!

If you are installing a new motor vehicle part that requires a change acceptance (§19.3 StVZO), you should definitely pay attention to a parts certificate when purchasing the item. The vehicle part should have been tested with the listed vehicle and it must have a corresponding test report in the form of a parts certificate or a ABE are available. A test engineer can then carry out a change acceptance based on the part certificate. And with an ABE, such as that with a Window tinting is even enough if you always have the receipt with you. However, if you want to buy a new rear wing and only a material report is supplied for this wing, then the fracture behavior of the material from the wing was only determined for a material sample. However, a material report does not provide a test certificate that is generally suitable for acceptance by a test engineer. The spoiler has not been officially tested in connection with a vehicle for its roadworthiness.

Attention when accepting changes

Full certificate costs motorcycle Dekra car TÜV 3 e1593169525395 Important: A material certificate is NOT a parts certificate!

A material report cannot therefore be used for a simple change acceptance at a test center for use in road traffic. This requires an additional parts certificate. The automotive part to be approved by a test engineer should have been tested in connection with the respective car model. Such an assessment is not available in a material report. In a material report, a material sample of the motor vehicle part is usually tested for break resistance. Technical inspection bodies will often reject a change without part approval, only with material approval, or only carry out the entry in connection with an expensive individual approval.

Ask DEKRA / TÜV & Co. before buying

If you only have a material report and no parts report for a motor vehicle part that requires a change acceptance, you should first ask the DEKRA or the TÜV and the other test centers in the respective federal state whether a change acceptance under these conditions as individual acceptance is possible. Sometimes it depends on the component, the area of ​​application and a little bit on the inspector as to whether the entry is made. In general, it is advisable to clarify the legal situation before buying and installing the component.

Subject material reports - conclusion

If an interested tuner would like to have a statement about the safety against breakage of the purchased vehicle part, then a material report is the right way. The report says something about the stability of a material or the type of material. However, material reports are not part reports and are not related to an inspection of a motor vehicle part on a car model. If you want to purchase a motor vehicle part as a tuner that requires a change acceptance by a test engineer, you need a parts certificate or an ABE. Otherwise it can become significantly more expensive due to the individual acceptance (§21). Before buying the motor vehicle part, you should therefore inquire at a test center in the respective federal state about the legal situation.

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Widebody Toyota Corolla AE92 2JZ RWD conversion 23 Important: A material report is NOT a parts report!

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